The Warmth of Wool

The weather is having a hard time making up its mind here recently, but it hasn’t stopped me from going through my winter clothes and reorganizing my closet. Once I get started going through and rearranging, I always feel better.

I don’t know if you do this, but I pull all the winter items out in stages starting with the trousers. I begin by trying them on and seeing if I still feel the same about the way they look and fit. I’ve never been one to weigh myself everyday, because I kinda have the obsessive type personality. I’m afraid I would get obsessed with the number, so for me I do better by looking and seeing how my clothes fit. This may not work for you, and that’s fine, this gauge has been the easiest determining factor for me. Also I don’t worry about the size of clothing I wear – if it fits nice and I like it, I buy it. I refuse to be bound by a number. Again this may not be your thing, but as I have gotten older, it has worked best for me.

Back to the trousers – I try them on, making sure they are still in good shape, and I like them. As I picked through, I found two pairs of wool trousers. I’ve had these trousers for a long while and have always liked them. I know here in Atlanta we don’t get a ton of really cold weather to wear wool. I believe when I purchased these, my husband was traveling all over the country, and I was going along for fun. We had been to New York in the spring. I thought the weather wouldn’t be that much colder at that time of year than we have had in Georgia. Boy, was I wrong! The weather that year in spring was like our winters here. And the wind whipped down through the streets. I froze, so I decided I wouldn’t be caught like that again. That’s when I decided a couple pairs of trousers in wool would be a wise purchase.

I did get a chance to wear these last week when the temperatures were in the 40’s. It was a cold crisp day, and they were nice. This particular pair is a light weight wool, and they are lined. I paired it with this blue-gray blouse and metallic pumps. 

I added this tassel Pearl necklace and earrings. I have alway liked pearls, I’m glad to see them coming back in fashion again.

So what’s your take on wool trousers? If you live where the climate is colder, I’d say you are little more of a fan of this type of trouser. I went through and have given you several different pairs to look at and choose from down below. If you are like me and have the chance to travel to different places, don’t get caught with your pants down in colder weather. Nothing will keep you toasty and warm like a pair of wool trousers.



Photographer/Danny Hoang

Blouse/here and similar here

Wool Trousers/(old) similar here and here

Silver Pumps/(old) similar here and here

Tassel Necklace/(old) similar here and here

Tassel Earrings/(old) similar here and here

Belt/(old) similar here

Clutch/(old) similar here and here


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