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Hi to everyone! 

Today’s outfit is all about this denim Jumpsuit that I picked up last fall. I actually forgot I had this jumpsuit and found it in the Spring. It had been folded in with all my other denim and looked like just another pair of jeans. 

I’m glad I found it when I did!

I wore the jumpsuit this spring with sneakers and rolled the sleeves up. The jumpsuit is of mid-weight denim and really soft. 

I’ve also worn the jumpsuit this summer too. Yes, indoors, where my guy keeps the air so cool, I have to dress warmer. That’s what gave me the idea to put this outfit together. I’ve been thinking of Fall, back to school, football, the leaves changing, and how the days are getting shorter.

 I also had these new boots, so I had to incorporate them into my look too! 

And I added the belt, because I’ve lost some weight. I was really happy when I realized that. (My morning walks are starting to pay off. It’s only been 6 months of working out. Another topic for another day.)

The belt is older, but I’ve found a really cute one, that I’ve linked down below.

My scarf is vintage, and I love the mix of red, burgundy, navy and cream. I have a small collection of silk scarves and get a lot of use out of them. I wear them in my hair year-round. They also are great for keeping my neck warm during the fall and winter. I like the way silk feels against my skin. I’m also grateful to have them to wear as a facemask now too. 


The end of August was busy for us with lots of excitement. 

We had the opportunity to go downtown and visit with the kids in the city. We couldn’t wait to see Navy Moon and his new baby sister, Jimi Iris. I think the hardest part about everything that’s been going on is the fact of not being able to all be together or get together. These little ones grow so fast and change a little each day. It was so wonderful to walk in the door and see little Navy Moon wrap his arms around his Pop’s legs. He gave him such a big squeeze and said how happy he was that we were there. Then of course Pops becomes like a jungle gym for this little boy, and he climbed all over him. It was so sweet to watch. I in turn got lots of baby cuddles from precious, Jimi Iris. This is something I will never grow tired of! This little girl has grown so much and reminds me so much of her daddy (my son) at this age. 

We had a lovely brunch at the kids’ home that the guys went and picked up. And then we were even able to go out for a walk and look at some of the new areas that are being developed around the corner from where they live.  It was just a perfect day spent with the ones that we love. And have missed so much!

The following week my little Frankie Rae started kindergarten. She’s attending a private school right down the street from where she lives. We were able to go the night before and visit with them. The next morning her momma sent me pictures of her on the front steps holding her little sign that said, “first day of kindergarten 2020.” Tears welled up in my eyes, I had no idea I would be this emotional as she went off to kindergarten. I gave my daughter, Jessica, a call and asked how she did that morning, as she put her on the bus. I asked her, “did you cry?” She said no, that Frankie was so excited, she didn’t have the heart to be sad. We went over that afternoon to my daughter’s and waited and watched Frankie get off the bus. She had a smile that stretched from ear to ear as she told us all about her first day and her teacher. It’s hard to see these kids having to wear a mask all day, but I know it necessary. Kindergarten definitely agrees with Frankie Rae. She’s adjusting well to the longer days and loves her teacher!

That’s all I have for now. I do hope each and every one of you are doing well and staying safe.

Blessings and love to you all!


Denim Jumpsuit/similar here


Belt/similar here

Hoop Earrings/similar here

Scarf/similar here

Tote Bag/here

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