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I’m enjoying the sunsets and light summer breezes in the evening. Even though the days may be getting shorter I’m still trying to get the most out of each day. This time of year is when I take inventory of my closet. It used to be years ago that I took and gathered up anything and everything in my wardrobe that was white. The rule was that you couldn’t wear white after Labor Day. These clothes were neatly packed away after Labor Day to come back the following year after Memorial Day.

I think now that I agree with the fact that some rules are made to be broken.

I guess this all started with me when I was a child. I was the oldest of three, and if you’re the oldest, you know the rules are a little bit tougher on you than the rest of the siblings. I mean, you’re the 1st, and most parents are trying to do the very best they can. They tended to be a little stricter on the oldest child. I often asked, “why?” I mean, I was a curious kid and wanted to know was this a rule my parents thought of or was this a life rule? And I often heard, “because I told you so”, and there were other times when I was explained the reason.

As an adult I’m still that curious kid deep inside.

I decided I was going to look up who decided the rule about not wearing white after Labor Day.

And here’s what I found.

It was started back at the end of the 1800’s and the beginning of the 1900s. It was started by a bunch of wealthy women after the civil war. They came from old money, and once the war was over, there were many people who worked hard and started becoming wealthy with “new money.” The women who came from old money weren’t happy about this and decided to devise new rules of dress and shared this amongst themselves and their friends. They knew people with new money would not know the rules, and they would be able to tell old money from new money.

I have to tell you as I read this, it really upset me. How cruel to make up rules to divide and hurt others! How easy would it have been to be happy for someone else’s success. I’m happy now for the most part, style can be determined by the individual and not a powerful group in Society.

Here’s to wearing white year round and getting rid of bad rules.


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