Hats & Sunglasses: The Perfect Staple Accessories

Investing in staple accessories goes a long way. Have you ever gotten stuck trying to complete an outfit? If so, I have a little secret: you can always accessorize your way out!  The right accessories can turn an ordinary outfit into a showstopper. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how much potential your clothes have by simply incorporating accessories. Fall is the perfect time to spice up your look while staying warm and comfortable. My go-to accessories for this season are hats and sunglasses.  Whether you want to spice up casual attire or add some boldness to a neutral look, hats & sunglasses are the perfect staple accessories.

woman wearing hat, black sunglasses and red purse



While hats are a great way to keep warm, it’s important to note a good hat never goes unnoticed. They are both stylish and functional. Hats gives us fashionistas a trendy way to show off our personality through our wardrobe.  Wearing hats this fall is all about creating a mood that looks good and feels good to you! Ahead, I’ve put together my favorite hats you’ll want to pair with your stylish fall outfits.

Straw Hats

Typically, most women wear straw hats during the warmer months. However, I wear my straw hats that are darker hues like black and brown throughout the fall season. And you can too! All you need is the right confidence!  Straw is extremely versatile and it’s a flawless way to finish your fall looks. Pair it with a long-sleeve maxi dress or skinny jeans and a white button-down shirt.

woman wearing brown straw hat


woman wearing black straw hat


Pageboy Cap

Keep it simple this Fall with a Pageboy Cap. This type of hat has a flat top and small brim at the front. In addition to trendy and bold, these hats are perfect for disguising messy hair days. Pageboy Caps don’t have to be paired with an over-the -top outfit to look stylish. Keep it simple and chic with a pair of knee-high boots, a blouse, and a blazer.

woman wearing black pageboy cap


Baseball Cap

I never grow tired of a baseball cap if for no better reason than to toss it on with athleisure on the days I don’t feel like doing my hair. Like straw hats, baseball caps are extremely versatile and goes with just about everything from three-piece suits to flowy dresses. During Fall, I like to swap cotton and polyester baseball caps for ones made in corduroy, wool or velvet.

woman wearing orange baseball cap


Fedora Hats

This season felt fedora will become a staple in your closet. As with summer, Fedora hats make an equally powerful statement in the Fall. Wear to add glamour and sophistication to your look. Pair with a black pair of leather and a trench coat in lighter shades for a sophisticated look. You’ll can get a lot more wear out of fedora hats in a neutral hue such as beige, ivory, black, gray, or taupe than one with bright patterns.

woman wearing beige fedora hat


woman wearing light brown fedora hat


woman wearing dark brown fedora hat


woman wearing light colored fedora hat

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Don’t you love getting a new pair of Sunglasses? Sunglasses are a timeless accessory that can be worn year-round. When most people think of sunglasses, they think Summer. But there are definitely styles that look better when worn in the cooler months with a sweater, leather pants and boots. Some people think that the simpler styles look better in the fall and winter, because you’re wearing heavier/more clothes. However, that’s not true. Sunglasses can easily be paired with fall and even winter outfits.

Sunglasses are much more than a fun fashion accessory. They also provide blue-light protection. I have light eyes so I’m a bit finicky about my sunglasses. They say the lighter your eyes are the more sensitive they are to the sun and need protecting.

Whether you’re going for a vintage chic look or more of a statement piece, sunglasses can give off an aura of confidence when worn with the right pieces. I have all different shapes, sizes, and colors that I’ve collected over the years. I always recommend investing in a variety of styles, so you’ll have a pair that goes with your outfit no matter what you put on.  If you are not sure how to pull off sunglasses this fall, keep scrolling for inspiration!

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Choosing the Right Hats & Sunglasses

Everyone loves a good accessory, but most women don’t know how to choose the right one for their style.  Here are the tips and tricks for choosing the right hat and sunglasses for yourself!

  • Do look for the right fit. I always recommend measuring the circumference of your head, so you know what you need when you go shopping. This is important when shopping for hats.
  • Don’t choose sunglasses that look disproportionate with your face shape. Play around with different styles until you find the style of sunglasses that goes best with your face shape.
  • Do keep your Personal Style in mind. Choose hats & sunglasses that look best with your wardrobe. Make it fun! And if you are feeling a little anxious about wearing sunglasses in the fall, just tell yourself that they are just an accessory that adds a little umph to your personal style.


Accessories are an effortless way to find creative expression and to spark feelings of joy in any outfit. With that in mind, be intentional with the accessories you pair with your outfit. Pay attention to the details- particularly how they mix with the other pieces you’re wearing. And always remember: Confidence is as important to owning your look as the accessories you wear.

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