Amazing Grays

Through the Holidays, from Halloween, Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Years, I really do like to get dressed up this time of the year.  I do have those days when I just want to wear something relaxed and cozy. I like to be comfortable and warm, but I also like to be stylish and put together. And to be honest, I was feeling a little portly due to my indulgence in the sweets department of each of these special holidays. 

So the first thing that caught my eye as I went through my closet was this pair of jogger pants. They are two-tone grey, with a relaxed stride.  And what else goes better with joggers than a sweatshirt? Hey, I said I was feeling a little thick! 

So here’s my take on athletic wear when there’s no sport involved, (unless you consider eating a sport – I know some do, but not this gal!)  

A great way to look leaner and taller is wearing the same color or colors that are a variation of the same hue. I put this all together with these cute bootie shoes, infinity knit scarf and finished the look with a heavy linked necklace.  So the grays have it today – thank goodness for those amazing grays!

Sweatshirt//Vintage Gap
Infinity Scarf//Gap
Fleece Jogger//Urban Outfitters
Bootie Shoe//Cromwell Distressed Heel bootie//Jeffery Campbell

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