The Silver Stylist Hair Care Routine

This post is sponsored by Hair Biology. The opinions in this blog are my own thoughts and what I’ve found from using these products.

 My hair and the way I take care of it have always been top priorities in my life. I suppose going to Cosmetology School and graying early in life played into that as well. I battled my gray hair for 34 years.  I colored it constantly, (every 3 weeks) until the day came when enough was enough. I made the decision to grow my hair out 5 ½ years ago, and I’ve never looked back! 

 That’s also when “the silver stylist” and my blog were created.

 I was quite surprised that there weren’t a lot of us silver-haired gals at that time on social media. And boy did people definitely have an opinion about my silver hair. I’m happy to say times have changed, and so has the public’s opinion on silver hair. It’s the “in color” to have these days with all age groups. I get asked constantly who colors my hair and what toner did they use on it? NONE. I also get asked what products I use on my hair as well.

 I’m thankful haircare brands are finally acknowledging silver hair and creating products especially for those of us who have mature silver hair. Remember we’re getting BOLDER not older!

 I am excited to be partnering with Hair Biology to give you my thoughts on their Silver & Glowing Collection which includes purple shampoo and purple conditioner along with their Argan Oil Taming Serum. The collection is infused with biotin, which is known to improve the body’s keratin infrastructure and supports strong, healthy hair growth. 

 Before I talk about the products, there are a couple of things I need to tell you about the care and upkeep of silver hair. 

 Silver/Gray hair is fragile and needs to be treated with TLC. As we age, our hair may begin thinning and/or become dry, lifeless and brittle. In my situation, there was a time when I did have curlier hair, but now the texture has changed, and it has become wavy and softer. My hair texture has changed with my age, like so many other things in life. I’ve learned how to take care of my hair and what products to use. This will be half the battle of keeping your silver hair vibrant and healthy.

 I’ve used purple shampoo for as long as I’ve had silver hair to help with any yellowing that may occur naturally or from hot tools. Hair Biology’s Silver & Glowing purple shampoo addresses this issue as well as cleanses your hair thoroughly from all environmental pollutants you can pick up by just getting outdoors and exercising. I simply wet my hair, place a bit of shampoo in the palm of my hand, massage through my hair and scalp, to form a lather and then rinse thoroughly. 

 Then it’s on to their purple conditioner. The conditioner is light, not heavy to weigh the hair down, yet easy to get a comb through. There were other brands I’ve used that didn’t have a purple conditioner. I like that this collection has one that works great. I put a small amount in the palms of my hands, rub them together, and apply it to the ends and lightly run it through from the scalp down. I like to rinse with a cool water to help close the cuticle after conditioning. 

 The last product I use after I’ve towel dried my hair is Argan Oil Taming Serum. I place a couple of drops of the hair smoothing serum  in my hands and run them through my hair. If I’m drying my hair, it really helps me smooth out my hair. If I’m using a diffuser or letting it air dry, it works great with the fly away hairs and frizzies. 

 So many of the purple shampoos I’ve used had to be purchased at the salon, on-line or at the beauty supply store. I’m so happy that the new Hair Biology Silver & Glowing Collection is available at Target (online and in-stores nationwide)! After trying this product, my life is so much easier, because I have a Target right up the street from me. 

 If you have any questions, please leave them below, and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.




Photographer/Sam Moore

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