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Hi to everyone! And Happy New Year to all that are reading this.

Life has been all about family and home renovation. I decided that spending time with family was going to be my gift to myself during and after the holidays. More and more I’m realizing that time is short. There is much to be said about “seizing the moments.”

I’ve also been digging myself out of home renovations. We moved every couple of years the first 17 years of our marriage. That made it easy to go through and really see what we used and didn’t and take inventory. We have lived in this house 24 years and have gone through the house twice to unclutter , throw away and give away things we just don’t need. Now with everyone out, it was time to do it again. We had the outside painted, the inside painted, and new floors put in. I’m still decorating, and it will take a little bit to get it all the way I want it. I will say less is more.

I did want to hop on here and talk about outerwear in the form of the coats and jackets that I wear year in and year out. These classic pieces are the foundation of my wardrobe. The majority of these coats and jackets I have had for years. There are 3 that were from 3 different collaborations, but other then that, I purchased the rest. I’m telling you all this, because I want to share what I love and what I’ve found is sustainable in my wardrobe.

The coats I’ve listed below are my collection of coats I have had for years. And as you will see as you look through my pictures, they have been worn over and over again. I decided to write about these particular coats because I’ve been on a mission to get rid of a lot of items I don’t wear or haven’t worn in a long time.

It’s been interesting to look at each one of them and compare the quality of what was made 15 years ago to what is being manufactured now. The pricing and quality is really off to me when I look and compare something similar. In all out honesty I have several coats that if something were to happen to them, the price I would have to pay for the quality to replace them would be extremely expensive.

In 2020 I’m trying to be more conscientious about what I buy, the quality and the price. I’ve kinda been doing this basically my whole life, because I haven’t been in a position to spend a lot of money on designer clothes.  I follow on line each year “Fashion Week” and all the different shows and what they are wearing on the run-way. There are so many designers out there now with so much talent creating some lovely, unique collections. And I understand the quality and the way each piece is constructed are what determines the price. Yes, I look and drool at so much of what I see. Alas, I suppose I may splurge one day, but until then, I’ll stick with what I have.

I have had a camel wool coat for years in one form or fashion. This particular one I purchased a couple years ago, because the one I had was looking a little rough and worn. With this one the lapel can be worn down or popped back. I like this mid-length coat on my frame, because sometimes the longer length can make my 5’ 6’‘ appear shorter. This coat is made of wool, and the weight is not heavy, yet it’s very warm.

This down coat from Moncler was part of a campaign I did with them. You can read all about it here. This is one of the coats that if I had to replace would be expensive. I do want to say I probably would purchase another one regardless of how much it cost. I’ve taken this coat to New York, and it has been a lifesaver. I like the fit, which is more tailored then most down coats. It also has a hood that is tucked into the collar, which is great for keeping your head really warm too.

The quilted polka dot jacket is just a fun pattern that never will get old for me. This one was from a collaboration with Chico’s (see the post here) a couple years ago. I just saw the other day polka dots are here for spring along with stripes (nautical theme is always big for spring) and classic khaki. This pattern is classic in black and white and is an easy pattern to mix with all colors. It’s a pattern that makes me happy.

A trench coat is a universal coat for all types of weather. I have a London Fog coat that I had forgotten I had. It’s a little big, but over sized coats are in and this one has shoulder pads and a zip in wool lining. I purchased it in Michigan for the bitter cold winters there. I paid $375 dollar for this coat which was insane to me at the time. Now since I found it, I’m hoping for some cold weather so I can wear it again. I’ll definitely pull it out so it can make a debut on the blog.

I have a leopard bomber jacket that I’ve worn for several years and showed you here. I still wear this jacket, and this year it has looked really cut with a graphic tee, jeans and boots. I added a new leopard coat from my collaboration with Cabi clothing last fall. It’s been a lovely addition to wear over suits and looks nice with denim and worn casual.

I have worn a denim jacket in my teens and into my adult life. What an iconic piece to have now a days. And if you don’t have one, you need one. They come in all lengths, weights and types of denim with stretch(spandex) to no stretch (100% cotton) I personally like the 100% cotton one I have that isn’t super soft but has held up like a champ. It’s a little more boxy of a shape and sits below the waist.

I have 5 leather jackets, and 2 of my favorites are both cut like a demin jacket. The teal blue leather jacket I’ve worn here, here and here. I tried looking for something similar and could only find a teal colored wool coat. The other is my black leather jacket seen here. Both of these jackets are lined and are warm. These two jackets are over 15 years old, and their classic design has helped them stand the test of time.

I know some of you aren’t keen on real leather, and I understand, I have a couple faux leather jackets in this line up too. I will say they don’t hold up nearly as well as the real leather does. I do agree that it’s good to have an alternative for real leather though.

The faux leather jackets are both Moto jackets worn here and here. One is black and from when I worked for Gap. The other is a nude color, and both of these jackets were just over a $100. The faux leather isn’t as tough and scratches easily. I know real leather does as well, but it adds to the character of the coat.

We don’t get our cold weather here in Georgia until after the first of the year. Thats why I try and have a bright or pastel color coat. The light pink coat is from 5 or 6 years ago. It’s a Vince Cambuto coat that I got to wear when a cold streak came through at Easter time.

I have two other bomber jackets in this round up that get a good bit of wear. One is an army green jacket with bright orange lining, and it looks just like the flight jacket my Daddy wore when I was a little girl. The other is a black leather bomber that is another one from Gap. The leather is so buttery soft, and I’ve worn it so much the black dye is wearing off on a couple places on the arms near a few seams. I need to take it to someone to have them look at it. Leather needs to be treated and taken care of over the years the same as you would take care of your favorite pair of boots. Winter weather can be harsh on leather.

I have one coat and one jacket left in this round up, and both are vintage. The coat is what I would call a “car coat”. The sleeves on this coat are 3/4 length and don’t restrict your arms like a lots of coats do when you wear knits and layers. It also has a Peter Pan collar that is removable. I found several faux fur collars that I can attach to the coat. It totally changes the look of the coat, and I like the versatility of doing that. When the collar is removed, it looks similar to a banded collar. I like this coat so much I purchased it in light gray as well as light tan.

The last jacket in this group is a suede and fleece jacket, that is a unisex style. The year this jacket came out they also had the same jacket for men. A similar style to a denim jacket, but a little heavier because of the material suede. The fleece adds extra warmth. I also have treated the suede to make it water resistant and protect it.

I know I have talked about quite a few jacket and coats that I have worn over the years. I hope this has been helpful for you to see what has worked for me over the years and you can find what will be the best coat or jacket for you to add to your closet.

As always I’d love to know your thoughts. Just leave me a comment below!


Camel Single Breasted Coat/ similar here

Down Coat/Moncler Flammette High-Neck Puffer Coat

Polka Dot Quilted Coat/similar here

Leopard Coat/similar here and here

Denim Jacket/similar here and here

Black Leather Denim Jacket/similar here

Black Moto Jacket/similar here

Olive Aviator Jacket/similar here

Black Leather Aviator Jacket/similar here

Car Coat/similar here and here

Trench Coat/similar here and here

Leopard Bomber Jacket/similar here

Teal Jacket/similar here and here

Camel Leather Jacket/similar here and here

Leather and Fleece Jacket/similar here

Light Pink Wool Coat/similar here and here

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