Mod Squad

What do you do when there is no sun? I make my own sunshine by dressing up in the brightest colors in my closet! The day we shot this was cold, but I was determined to be warm and bright! That’s what is so fabulous about fashion for me – it sets the tone for my day. You can pretty much tell how I’m feeling by how I’m dressed.

I can also still be that little girl playing “dress-up,” because I can be anyone I want for that day, and it has to do with what I picked out of my closet and mixed together.

Today, I’m a ray of sunshine!

I do have to admit these pieces are all things I’ve had for quite some time. They were all bought over the last six years. It’s kind of a monochromatic look, even though there is a subtle print in the pant and blouse. This is more of a classic look, but isn’t it interesting how the color makes it look more modern? And that’s what I wanted here, a place where Classic and Mod meet. I think adding the pumps, clutch and white sunnies helped give it even more of a mod twist to a classic.

I know I’ll be dating myself terribly when I say this, but I liked watching “Mod Squad’“ when I was growing up. I thought Peggy Lipton’s character Julie Barnes dressed so cool and hip. The series ran from 1968-1973, and I know I wasn’t the only girl enthralled with the show and cast. I see similarities with many brands that are inspired by that time and era. And we all know trends come and then reemerge with time. I guess I was channeling my modern day “Julie Barnes” with these sunnies and my hair pulled back. And yes, she would have worn bellbottoms instead of skinnies.

Now that I think about it, Jackie Kennedy Onassis wore a similar pair of sunglasses like these too. I guess I’m in good company! What a style Icon she was, and her fashion choices are still loved, copied and an inspiration for a lot of us today.l

I always told my kids when they were younger to shine bright at whatever they were doing. I guess I’m trying to take my own advice and do the same. Being able to shine at any age is all about making that decision and moving forward with it!

How‘s your light shining?


Photographer/Olga Mohr

Sweater/similar here and here

Blouse/similar here/Old Navy

Denim/similar here/Nordstrom

Clutch Bag/similar here/Bloomingdale’s

Pumps/similar here/Nordstrom


Sunnies/similar here/ShopBop

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