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It won’t be long until school starts here in Georgia. My days of getting all the school supplies, prepping for the school year and meeting new teachers has long since passed. It’s a bittersweet feeling. For those of you still in this somewhat chaotic state, try and enjoy it! The time goes by much quicker than you think, and then you’re like me with one left at home. He’ll soon finish college after the fall and fly the nest like the rest of his siblings. It’s a very different place to be in life, and even more so when your house was the bustling epicenter of all 4 kids activities with friends, sports and the gathering place just to hang out. It’s one of the reasons I started the blog to encourage others at this same time, reinvent myself (who am I now) and be creative again in my closet and with my life.

So as back to school starts, I start to evaluate my closet and what I may need to replenish (basics) and what I may need to get rid of. I like to do an inventory of what I need for fall, like tees, socks, undies, bras, camisoles etc. Most of these items can be worn with the classic and trending pieces in my closet. For example: Basic long and short sleeve tees sometimes get a little dingy (especially white and black) after a season or two due to wear and laundering. This is the time I like to stock up on these. The short sleeves, because they are most of time on sale, the long sleeve because the selection is good. The brands are always running back to school special, so keep your eyes peeled for those deals as well. 

I also like to see what’s still in for this fall that I wore last year. Its kind of a challenge to see if I chose wisely last year.

Olive green is always great in the fall as a neutral. It ranks up there with gray, navy, black and camel. Olive can be worn with everything you would wear with these colors too. If you haven’t considered it, you should. I actually like it better then brown. I’m happy this bomber jacket will be on repeat again this fall too. I’ll also give you a few other pieces in olive green (down below) that are in my closet that are easy to wear year round that are a great staple pieces to have. If you don’t have any olive in your wardrobe you may want to give one of these pieces a try.

I’m also happy over the knee boots are back too. For me it would have been back either way because, I freeze during the fall and winter. I freeze in the summer with the air conditioning on in my house too. Haha, I know it’s sad. It’s that mid life thermostat that’s all over the place. My husband is always telling me, it’s not cold, its comfortable. Regardless, when fall and winter rolls in I am frigid. I wear some form of boot or bootie most of the time. 

I will say for the record, here in Atlanta we have quite a warm fall to where the days are comfortable and the nights get cooler. I am thankful our cold weather doesn’t last forever either. When I lived in Buffalo, NY the winter was so cold and long and the summer were short and gone in a blink.

I want to let you all know everything I have linked down below is on SALE. Its part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The sale ends August 6, and all pricing will go back to its original full price. If you are shopping, I just wanted you to be able to take advantage of the all the great savings and deals because that’s what friends do! We share!

One more note before I go~

I want to thank all of you who have commented, or liked something, stop by to read and those I have become friends with. Getting to know my readers is important to me, because everyone has a story. That’s what makes each of us unique. And for those of you that have shared your story Thank You! I also look forward to making more friends and hearing from you as well. 

Photography/Sam Moore

BomberJacket/similar herehere and here /Nordstrom

Tee/similar here and here/Nordstrom

Jeans/similar here and here/Nordstrom

Boots/similar herehere and here/Nordstrom

Bag/Rebecca Minkoff (old) (similar here and here)/Nordstrom


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