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When any special occasion comes around, whether it’s a holiday, birthday, anniversary, I’m thankful that my family lives fairly close. I didn’t grow up this way. When I was a child on up until I was in high school, we would split the holidays between one set of grandparents for Thanksgiving, the other set for Christmas. The following year we would do the opposite of what we had done the year before.
 So when I met my husband and found out he had grown up with one set of grand parents one street up from him, and the other set one street down, I thought how wonderful to really get to know one’s grandparents on a day-to-day basis. Because let’s face it, how well can you get to know someone a week or two out of each year?  I loved both set of grands dearly but didn’t really know them. 
This is something I’m so thankful for – having my own family so close! I wouldn’t be the person I am without my family, my kids and my parents. They support me in so many ways, and their encouragement is so amazing! 
My note to myself is “live in the moment and celebrate being able to spend time with the ones that have made you who you are.” Life goes by much faster than I ever could of imagined! I’m grateful for each day with them. 
 So here’s to the family that means so much to me! 

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