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Happy weekend to everyone!

I’m all smiles and happy because the weekend is here! YAY! And I’m really excited about the new skincare and makeup I’ve been using. The winter months are tough on my skin, especially as I’ve matured. This winter I’ve been using several new products, and I’ve been really impressed with with how well they have worked on my skin. And they also won’t break the bank! There are a lot of super products out now, and I would love to be able to purchase them all, but they aren’t really practical for my budget. I think when you look below, you will be pleasantly surprised!  I know I was, and I have been even more thrilled with the results with my skin.  I’ve also had several people ask about makeup, eyeshadow, lipstick, etc. I have to admit I’m a junkie when it comes to skincare and cosmetics – it’s all like technology to me, it’s evolving at such a fast rate.  When I think I like something well enough to purchase it for the third or fourth time, there is always a newer, more advanced product coming out. I suppose as women we are always chasing the fountain of youth, whether we admit it or not. I’m not saying I want to be forever young, I’m just all about taking care of and preserving what I have. So check out my favorites down below and tell me what you think!

And if you have some must-haves of your own, I’d love to know what they are and why you love them so!



Photography/Sam Moore

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