A Day at the Gallery

On this bright and chilly day, I kept myself warm by layering a GAP windbreaker under this blazer I picked up at Nordstrom. It’s classic with a twist! I love the statement the metallic silver makes when paired with this electric blue in my blazer, which is also highlighted in my purse. 

I cuffed this pair of straight-leg jeans from Cabi Clothing to show off my sparkly socks from COS and Silver pumps. Can you believe that the newest Item I’m wearing here is this pair of socks? Everything else has been in my closet for 3 to 8 years. A perfect example of the longevity we can create in our closets by jazzing up classic pieces.

I was fortunate to spend this sunny day shooting with my friend, Olga Fogerty. We walked around the “Shoppes at Buckhead” in the crisp air and wandered into the Buckhead Art & Company. As you can see this place has so many exceptional pieces of art. They were kind enough to allow us to shoot in the gallery. It’s a great place to hold an event.

As February comes to a close, I’m choosing to tackle my daily responsibilities with a new perspective. Life can get so hectic. But choosing to leave myself open to the beauty around me leaves me primed and ready to take advantage of fantastic moments such as this one.

Tell me about a time when you left yourself open to receiving the generosity of others!


What’s something unexpectedly beautiful you stumbled across this week?


Photographer/ Olga Mohr

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  1. Mathilda Clothier Pring wrote:


    Your new look is great, it is so up beat and interesting. I always love your diversity and great ideas to put a twist on everyday items. I get alot of inspiration from your blog of how to jazz things up, especially pre-loved things. Thank you for your ideas and I look forward to more of your exciting new blog .

    Posted 3.2.21 Reply
    • Lisa Hale wrote:

      Thank you so much my dear! I’m definitely excited about this new website. That warms my heart to hear you enjoy the blog and pick up ideas from my outfit choices.
      Big love to you and yours,


      Posted 3.11.21 Reply
  2. Francine Mueller wrote:

    I’ve been following you on IG for a while.
    I am an artist and a jewelry designer.
    I like the way everything is paired together so perfectly in this outfit. Even your hairstyle fits. And the metallic windbreaker is the explanation point. I love fashion and like to wear clothes that are trending too.

    Posted 3.4.21 Reply
    • Lisa Hale wrote:

      Hi Francine,

      A jewelry designers, so you can design what you like to go with any outfit you might have or purchased. I always an idea of the accessories want to go with a certain look. I invasion each piece, sometimes I can find what I want and sometimes I can’t.
      It makes me happy to hear you like how I style and put together my clothes each day.
      blessings and love to you and yours,


      Posted 3.11.21 Reply