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Are you a person that looks at things from the perspective of “is the glass is half full” or “is the glass half empty?” I believe the attitude with which you approach a lot of things in life determines the outcome. So as my kids are all grown, I don’t see it as a loss of my job – I see it as gaining time to do something new and exciting. Having 4 kids made time for myself really difficult. Now I’m excited to be looking at some extracurricular activities.

There are 2 sports that I have always wanted to learn how to play……..Golf and Tennis. Golf has always been interesting to me because my dad is a golfer. He’s played as long as I can remember. He will be 80 years old on the 16th of May and plays golf 3-4 times a week. He shoots his age sometimes! My dad has stayed in shape playing a game he loves, and he also reminds me…. “golf is a thinking man’s sport!” I’m a daddy’s girl, so you figure it out! I’d also love to play the game he so enjoys and respects one time with him. 

Tennis is another sport that looks appealing to me because it’s a great way to stay in shape. I also like that you can play singles or doubles. I also would love to find something fun to do with my sweet hubby. How fun would that be?
Here’s to stepping out of the box and trying new things! 

And here’s another wonderful out-fit from COS! I can’t say enough about the structure on their clothes. How about this top? A pretty cool take on a white blouse! I’m also digging these wide-legged, cropped trousers, great for this time of year….loose and flowy.

So here’s my question, what have you always wanted to do?

Photography//Sam Moore//
Blouse//COS Store
Wide-legged Cropped Trouser//COS Store
Necklace//COS Store
Watch//Shark// Freestyle
Bag//Banana Republic
Sandals//Jeffrey Campbell

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