Classic Blue and Camel

Today’s outfit is all about using pieces I’ve had for a long time in my closet. We all like to shop and look nice, but learning to use what you have wisely is the key to getting the most out of your wardrobe.

I decided to put together an outfit that I think is fun, easy to wear this time of year, and for the most part, I believe everyone can wear.

I’ll first start with the denim Jacket, because it’s a staple in my closet dating back some 25+years. This jacket will never go out of style, and the more it’s worn and washed, it just will get better with age. In colder weather I have worn this jacket over a blouse, tee and turtle neck and then added a wool coat over it. I use this jacket in the summer when we’ve been on vacation because I always find I get chilly in restaurant. I wore the jacket here and here a couple different ways for 2 other blog posts. I hope this also will show you multiple ways on how it can be worn, and why it’s  worth the investment of owning such a jacket.

Next let’s talk about an easy blue button-up blouse. This particular one has a fun bell sleeve which has been in for a couple of seasons. The sleeves on this make it a little more modern looking, but just a simple blue button-up can be worn all year round as well. You can wear this under sweaters, over tees, tied up around your waist, over a tank, or just by itself. I think the color of blue (light, medium or navy) can vary depending on what looks best with your skin tone. I recommend that my clients get a blue and white button-up, because that should go with everything they have already at home and also with anything they may add in the future.

Moving right along to the camel skirt! This is a great neutral colored skirt to have and has the same flexibility as the items above. I picked this A-line skirt because it best fits my shape with my smaller waist and bigger hips. You may prefer a longer length and either a fuller or straighter skirt through your hips and thighs depending again upon your shape. I wore this skirt here last October with red and leopard print. I also wore it with tights through the winter with thigh high boots and booties. This skirt went with all different kinds of tops, sweaters and blazers, when I was in a hurry (which is the majority of my life) and wasn’t wearing jeans or khakis. I grabbed the camel skirt, because I really didn’t have to think about it. Yes, this skirt is that easy to wear.

I also want to say I’m so glad we don’t have to wear hose anymore, and bare legs are okay. I don’t love my legs, but have learned to embrace them flaws and all. And I’m fine that they are pastie white and not tan too (if you’re not looking at the freckles and age spots.)

I think this mindset is part of the wonder of being in mid-life and being happy with myself. I don’t have it all figured out, and it’s taken me a minute to get here. I do think it’s a glorious place to be, very freeing and liberating. I think a lot of it is letting go of the pressures we put on ourselves, at least that’s what it was for me.

I hope this post is helpful, and I’d love to hear what you think! I do what I do because I like helping others. If you have some topic on fashion, make up, or hair you would like discussed, please leave me a comment. 




Button Up Bell Sleeve Blouse/similar here and here/

Camel Skirt/similar here/Nordstrom

Denim Jacket/similar here and here/Banana Republic

Cross Body Bag/(vintage) similar here , here and here

Brown Suede Flats/similar here and here/Nordstrom

Tortoise Necklace/similar here and here/J Crew Factory


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