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It’s that time of year again, and if you have kids, you know what I mean. It is back to school time. All the kids in my area of Georgia started back last week. I know there were a lot of moms and dads exhaling a sigh of relief ready to get some order back in their homes and lives. When my kids were here and younger, I was the “free bird” mom that thought summer breaks had no parameters and were whatever we wanted them to be, because during the school year we had such a rigid schedule. We ran most summers without any care in the world, seeking adventure around every corner. I will say that by the end of summer I was yearning for some organization and better time management for myself and my family. This always used to be a hectic time in our home too. Football Practice for my boys would have already started, slowly nudging me to focus on what was coming. I was always a procrastinator when it came to picking up school supplies though. That really isn’t my nature, but through the years I had learned that each one of my kid’s teachers always wanted something a little different than the year before. I use to dread this part of back to school with 4 kids. The list was long and all different. As I write this, I do have a confession to make. On Saturday I was running to pick up a prescription from Walmart. I walked in and saw all the back to school folders, pencils, pens, backpacks, lunchbox paraphernalia and everything else they try and sell you for back to school. And I got teary eyed. Sad. My time has long since passed for this sort of thing, but I didn’t realize how fast it would go by. I also was so caught off guard by that well of emotion that came on me that day. I had to remind myself life is all about seasons. And I am at a different season and junction in life.

Speaking of seasons and change, this time of year is when I also went through everyone’s closet and drawers to see what didn’t fit or was worn out and needed replacing. Well, the kids are gone, but it’s one thing I try and do still to this day. I go through and get rid of a lot and donate a good amount each season. A plus now with no children around is, I also have the closet space I could only previously dream of!

As I get rid of items, I also make a list of things that need to be replaced. And I have a running list of items that are on trend that I would like to add to my closet……..like a versatile suit.

What do you think about this SUIT?

I adore the way it looks, but even more so the way it fits and feels on! They fit like they were made specifically for me. This Glen Plaid is chic yet classic. This fabric has a easy blend of polyester, rayon and spandex so when you sit, the trouser doesn’t wrinkle like most of my suit pants do. They actually feel more like yoga pants than a suit pant. I don’t like short trousers, so I ordered these in the long length.

This suit is from cabi clothing and part of their Fall 2019 Collection.

Today I decided to wear it as is. For starters the thought of wearing anything under the jacket made me sweat just to think about it. ( my mind says anytime Fall, but the weather delivers high hot temps.) A nice little lace camisole would have worked—note to self but, I really wanted to showcase this suit as is. One thing I want to add is that this suit does come with a matching belt. I decided to add the leopard belt to bring your eye in at my waistline. (that is one thing I do like about myself) I have a small waist.

This fall I’m working with cabi clothing, and I couldn’t be more excited! This company really impressed me with how they embrace the fact that we are all different, and that is something to celebrate. We learn and grow more when we are surrounded by people who aren’t like us. And this company empowers women and wants to make a difference in the world by giving back and helping other women around the world. So if you get a minute, hop on over and take a look at what they are offering this fall. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

This post is sponsored. It’s really my honor though to be able to work with a company that helps encourage and empower women to do and be the very BEST version of themselves they can be.


Photographer/Olga Fogerty

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Bond Trousers

Belt/Beast Belt

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