Work to Play

Here are three pieces that can take you from work to play and in between. 

A herringbone blazer, a pair of velvet denim, and a metallic silver tote bag.

A herringbone blazer in this light gray and white is such a neutral piece. Great for most all the seasons due to the lighter neutral color. This blazer is a knit blend with a cotton lining. It’s a easy blazer to wear and travel with because of the fabric it’s made out of.  Great for the office (where it’s never warm enough for me in the winter) and to keep on through the day. It transitions well for drinks or dinner after work with a little more relaxed style when the blazer can be taken off.  I just simply changed the belt from the outside of the jacket and through the belt loops on the pants, then wrapped the scarf around my neck. 
Next I have these velvet denim in this dusty rose color. They were nice denim to have through the holidays, but why stop there? They will be so easy to wear into the spring, because of the color. Who said you couldn’t wear velvet after the holidays? Is it the same person that said no white after Labor Day? Well we all know that the rules have relaxed and in some instances have changed.  
The last piece is this metallic tote. I’ve had this bag for quite sometime. I need to look for a new one soon. The handles are wearing out, sadly. I can’t tell you how much use this bag has gotten. My husband calls it the reflector bag, because it reminds him of the reflectors on a bicycle similar to the one he had as a kid growing up. If you look back through my blog, you will see this bag a bunch of places like here and here. I’ve tied scarves around the handles to match my outfits.  It really has been a very useful bag, and when I didn’t have a bag that works with an outfit, the “reflector bag’“ was there to save the day.

A little side note: The majority of the above items are on sale.

I love socks with pumps. I’m so cold natured.

I’d love to hear your feedback on whether this post was helpful, because being able to get the most wear out of your wardrobe is what I believe the majority of us want.


Photographer/Olga Mohr

Modern Velvet Slit Skinny Jeans/Loft

Velvet Strap Camisole/Loft

Herringbone Blazer/Loft

Rhinestone Earrings/similar here/Nordstrom

Gray Belt/similar here/Nordstrom


Gray Pumps/similar here/Nordstrom

Shimmer Dot Top/Loft

Gold Earrings/Nordstrom

Rose Gold Necklace/similar here/Nordstrom

Rose Gold Metallic Belt/similar here/Nordstrom

Sneaker/similar here/ASOS

Silver Tote/similar here/The OUTNET

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