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Black………There have been times in my life when black clothing was the uniform required for work. Ironically, it was as a hair stylist and make-up artist, jobs in which color is so important, that this absolute lack of color was to be worn. I understood the reason for the uniform, but that didn’t mean that I had to like it.

By nature I’m a firstborn and Type A personality, so when I was told that black was all I could wear, my natural instinct was to rebel or get as close to the line as I possibly could! I know you’re thinking “her poor mother,” and yes, I was a handful. Then there are those of you who are thinking I can totally relate!  It has served me well, as I’ve gotten older. This is probably the reason why shoes are one (of many) of my obsessions in life.  So as I was always pushing the envelope, adding my own spin to the colorless attire through shoes, scarves and jewelry, it became fun and challenging.

Fast forward to now – I don’t wear a lot of black, but when I do, I like to add texture or draw attention to one particular piece.  That’s what I did with this outfit. I love the clean look and line of a silhouette in all one color.  This is never so true than with black. It hides all those lumpy, bumpy areas, ladies. Although the top and bottom were black, I still had texture in the bottoms – they were vinyl-coated denim. The real find was this faux shearing vest and this beautiful statement necklace. I also grabbed up my classic Rayban Wayfarers.

Being able to change things up through combining textures will make a big difference……. you’ll see! 
Color or not, you can make it look good!!!

Top//Soft Tee//Gap
Statement Necklace//Forever 21
Vest//Faux Shearing//Forever 21
Denim//Vinyl Coated//Levi’s (Vintage)
Suede Bootie//Jeffery Campbell//Nordstrom
Sun Glasses//Wayfarer//Rayban

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