Walking the High Line

A couple of weeks ago I was able to travel along with my hubby up to New York. He needed to see some customers, and he asked if I wanted to come along to the “city that never sleeps”. Well, he didn’t have to ask me twice. I’m always game to head up north to see friends, catch a show, walk around, and eat at some delicious restaurants.

I reached out to my dear friend Denton Taylor to see if he wouldn’t mind snapping a few pictures of me while I was there in the city. He said he would love to do that, and then proceeded to name a few places we could head off to. He asked me if I had ever been on the High Line. I said “the what Line?” You know the walking trail that used to be the old railroad that ran through New York City. I’ve never been on the High Line, but the more he talked about it, the more it sounded like the BeltLine here in the city of Atlanta.

I am an enormous fan of the BeltLine here. On nice days during the weekend you can find us walking around, enjoying the day, and trying out new eateries we have found along the way. It doesn’t hurt to have two of my 4 kids living in the downtown area as well. Another excuse to be found out and about on the Atlanta streets.

So Denton met me at my hotel, and off we headed 4 blocks up the road to the High Line. The High Line is approximately 1.45 miles in length (or roughly 2.3 km) from its southernmost entrance at 14th Street to its northernmost entrance at 33rd Street at Hudson Yards. We started at the Hudson yard end, because that was closer to my hotel. What I really appreciate about the High Line is how it’s reviving the surrounding area. I loved seeing the older buildings that are getting a facelift and being converted into new living spaces or being transformed into large corporate offices such as the old “Port Authority Building” that Google has taken over renovated, and added on to. There are some very interesting buildings to admire and view as you walk. I have to say, Denton is a wonderful tour guide. He’s lived in New York his entire life and knows it like the back of his hand. This particular day the temperatures soared in New York. It was hotter there then it was back in Atlanta.

I look a little heat worn, but don’t let that fool you. I had best time walking through the city with my private tour guide, photographer and friend, Denton. I enjoyed it so much that a couple days later I met another one of my blogger friends, Michelle Tyler and her family there. I had the pleasure of meeting all her kids and spending the afternoon roaming on the High Line for a second time. . We stopped along the way to grab a bite of lunch. Then it was time to head back to meet Matt for dinner.

My outfit is something I put together while I was packing. All the pieces are older.

The skirt I purchased after the first of the year at Anthropologie. I wore it here in this blog post and styled it a little different. What’s makes a longer skirt more interesting and fun to style different way, is being able to work work the length. I tied the skirt up on one side because it was really warm out. This also gave the skirt a bubble look on one side. And made it easier to walk in. I’ll wear it with a chunky sweater, booties and tie up both sides of the skirt going into the fall. That way it will change the shape and length of the skirt, as well as show off the booties I’ll wear.

This particular day it was all about pattern mixing and bright pops of color.

This satin camisole has been in my closet for 15 years. The first time I wore it was with a pair of denim on a cruise when the kids were still in high school. The color in this paisley print is so dramatic and pulls out the pink and red in the long skirt.

I brought a silk scarf that Matt brought me back from China. I thought I would wrap it around my head, but it was going to be too hot for me. I decided to add it as a strap on my yellow clutch bag. It has very similar colors that go along with skirt and cami.

Gold metallic sandals finished off this look.

All and all it was a fascinating day to have the chance to weave my way through this area of the city, with my proper guide, photographer and good friend.


Photographer/Denton Taylor

Skirt/similar here

Cami/similar here

Shoes/similar here

Clutch Bag/similar here

scarf/similar here

Earrings/similar here

Sunglasses/similar here

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