Trendy Hairstyles for Spring 2022

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I’m ready for Spring! I always look forward to warmer weather after daylight savings time.
I remember before I grew my hair out (when I used to color my hair) I’d always go lighter at this time of year.  Now since I’ve stopped coloring my hair, a good trim takes the place of highlights to freshen up my style.

trendy hairstyles for spring
Once Spring arrives, I like wearing my hair in multiple styles. I really enjoy the flexibility of having longer hair. I’ll do all different styles as the weather warms up and the humidity comes back. I have wavy hair and the humidity is a plus when I wear my hair curly. It works in my favor!

The styles I enjoy wearing are a high ponytail, braids, a top knot bun, half up with a hair clip, and a side twisted bun. I also wear a lot of hats to protect my hair from the sun.  I like headbands, and scarves worn in my hair too.


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Silver hair discolors easily from the sun and overuse of hot tools. I always use a heat protection spray in my hair before I use any hot tools. I also use sunscreen on my hair when I do happen to be outdoors to protect my hair from the sun’s damaging rays.

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I also have Hair Biology Silver and Glowing Silver Shampoo and Conditioner for keeping my hair in such great shape. I try and only wash and condition my hair twice a week. I also use their on the ends of my hair to keep my hair looking glossy from the top of my head to the ends. I like using products that I’m confident will keep my hair healthy and that is what I get from using the Hair Biology products. 


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