Thinking Spring Green

I’m ready for Spring!

I’ve been battling a head cold that I thought I was over from last week. Then a couple of nights ago I started to chill and realized I was running a fever. (The crazy Atlanta weather doesn’t help, one day its in the 60’s the next in the low 30’s.) I ran to the Dr. today to make sure I didn’t have the flu. I’m thankful to say my test came back negative. When you have a new grand baby and older parents, the flu is not something you take lightly. And even if you don’t have to worry about new babies and older parents, having the flu is just brutal anyway you look at it.

Today’s #ootd is a nod to spring, when everything comes back to life. (And starts to grow and turn green.) I’m a huge fan of bright colors. My favorite color is green. It’s one of the reasons I wear a green jade bracelet and have for about 20-some years.

Color plays such an important part in my life and my mood.

This sweater is a couple months old, and sadly sold out. I do think this look is easy to duplicate though. I’ll give you some options down below with some solid and striped sweaters I’ve found. I liked all the different color hues this sweater has. It’s also a fairly lightweight sweater, so it works well for the transition period going into Spring here in Atlanta. After the holidays I’m ready to put all the dark rich earthy tones away. That of course doesn’t mean olive green, khaki, camel or navy. These colors for me are especially great when it comes to pants and jackets. I think these are neutrals that pull duty all year long. This is when I grab colors that are more of what you would see in a box of crayons I would get my children when they were first starting school. A box of primary colored crayons.

These pants are older too, and a true kelly green. I think I actually purchased them for going out for St. Patrick’s Day about 7 or 8 years ago. When I picked up the sweater, I knew that this would be one of the first outfits I would put together. The greens were a perfect match!

Navy check gingham blouse is from JCrew and it’s a classic-fit boyfriend shirt. They have the same shirt as this one from last year. They have some other good colors too, such as yellow, pink, green and cobalt blue check. I may have to look into getting the pink or yellow.

Glitter sneakers always make an outfit like a party. When I purchased these, I wasn’t sure if I would like them. Now when I wear them, I feel like I have happy feet. I’m looking for another pair with a little more support. These were from Old Navy and weren’t that much. Now that I’m really liking the glitter, I’m ready to invest a little more in another pair.

My earrings were a gift from my Mom after I had house sat for them while they were away last fall. They are unique in that they look like antique glassware my grandmother use to have.

The bag is a ancient Dooney & Bourke. It’s at least 10 years old, and it was the color plus the embossed crocodile leather that I still love. Dooney & Bourke produce such a nice quality bag at such a good price point. It’s one of the reasons the bag is still with me! I’m a sucker for a large structured tote like this. I never have to worry whether I can fit everything in my bag.

So start making your transition into Spring, or at least get ready to do that. Sometimes you have to make it feel like spring even when its cold and dreary outside.


Photographer/Sam Moore

Sweater/similar here/Nordstrom

Blouse/Classic-Fit boy shirt gingham/JCrew

Pant/ similar here/ASOS

Shoes/similar here/Nordstrom

Bag/similar here/Dooney&Bourke

Earrings/similar here/Nordstrom

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