My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Review

It’s officially that time of year—the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! We’re in the middle of the sale, but because I got early access, I’ve shopped a lot of my favorite picks already. As you get to shopping, I thought I’d chat a little bit about my thoughts on the 2021 sale. 

If you haven’t already- check out my Youtube Video on it!

I’m not going to lie—I got a little nervous when I first checked the website. The sale had just opened for me, and I couldn’t wait to jump on and start shopping. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has always been one of my favorite times of the year because I love showing you all of the best deals. 

This year when I checked the website, I got a little worried because a lot of pieces I liked were already sold out. I wasn’t going to let this stop me, though. 

So, I jumped in the car and drove to Lenox Mall. I don’t know about you, but I still prefer shopping in stores vs. online. Maybe it’s just my years working in retail and being a stylist showing. I have to see the pieces in person, touch the fabric, see how they drape, hold up a top next to a skirt, and all of that. Sure, it takes more time than shopping online, but I truly believe it’s worth it. Not to mention, you never have to worry about sending items back that don’t fit or ones that looked different in photos. 

Plus, unlike online, isn’t shopping in person such an experience? The most helpful employee guided me by showing me all of the new pieces, and then I ventured out on my own. I got sidetracked for a minute in my favorite section—the shoes, of course. I always style my outfits before selecting shoes. So, I pulled myself away from the shoe section and explored the clothes. I filmed a little try-on vlog in the fitting room that you can watch here. (insert) It felt like you all were shopping with me—how fun! 

I left with a lot of clothes and accessories like I do every year. Despite certain items selling out, I found plenty of pieces I’m excited to style in the upcoming months.

My biggest advice for the sale is to go into it knowing what you’re looking for. Keep in mind—some items are still pricey even with the sale. However, they’re much more affordable than the original price, and it’s all about making a plan! Check online and decide what you’re looking for before going in. Maybe you’re hoping to grab a designer handbag you’ve wanted, or maybe you’re looking to buy a big haul of affordable fall sweaters and tops.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it at the sale. Just be sure to be prepared with your budget and the styles you want the most.

For me, this changes every year. Some years I’m focused on stocking up on winter essentials like a nice coat or designer boots. This year, I was searching for fall pieces that I can wear sooner and start styling now. I was excited to find so many versatile styles that can carry your closet from summer into fall. Check out my favorite picks here.

Find your styles online, shop in-store if you want an experience, go in with a plan, and remember to choose pieces that make you feel radiant! Happy shopping! 


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