The Perfect Work From Home Outfit

Finding a way to stay chic and comfortable while working from home often feels like a fruitless daydream. Where staying comfortable while avoiding sweats is perfect in theory, it’s pretty much never in execution. But- I think I’ve figured out a way to make the perfect work from home outfit.

This week we’re putting a twist on a COVID Video Conference classic: Business on top, and relaxed on the bottom.

Now, as restaurants begin to open, and so many of us are returning to school, work, and fantastic social outings, we don’t have to ignore our newfound affinity for comfy clothes! And we can accomplish this by marrying the sophisticated elements of classic fashion with cozy and versatile fabrics.


Here, I took advantage of the stealthy sophisticated style of these RecTrek sports pants. Their drop crotch, chic ankle-length crop, and jetted back pockets make them indistinguishable from a pair of trousers.

These pants are unbelievably comfy. And better yet, they’re weather resistant and made to stretch. Making them perfect for outdoor picnics, or messy park days with the little ones. Can someone say spill-proof?

I love the delicate lace detailing on this creme cami I picked up at Chico’s a few years ago. And I love the way the lace’s texture plays with the texture of my tweed jacket. Oversized is in! And the jacket’s extra-large lined pockets are cute and primed to hold whatever you may need to carry.

I love to accessorize with great deals and unique finds. I picked these shoes up at a Porte & Paire end-of-season sale. Basically, they’re great because they are so cute and they walk the line between a stiletto and a kitten heel. In my opinion, they’re the perfect height for traversing around the city.


The best handbags to carry, carry their own stories as well. This vintage woven handbag was a gift from a dear friend of mine. Previously, it was carried by her late mother, who had a sense of style I’ve always admired. Keeping an eclectic arsenal of handbags is one of my favorite ways to make spicing up any outfit an easy task.

What has been your favorite work from home outfit? What are some of your favorite, most comfortable, pieces? How do you like to dress them up? Let me know in the comments!




Camisole/similar here and here

Track Pant/ similar here and here

Necklaces/ here, here and here

Sandals/similar here and here

Vintage Bag/similar here

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