The Classic ~ Blazer

I wore these shorts and tee at the beach a couple weeks ago.  Here’s how I’m going to wear them into the fall. And all I did was layer on this classic black blazer.


It’s that easy to carry the summer outfits into the cooler weather by adding a simple blazer to the mix.

Here come the classics. These are pieces that are timeless, ageless. This is an item everyone should have in their wardrobe, because it can be worn with everything. As a stylist, this is a must-have in my book. This blazer will work hard in your closet through all four seasons.

This is an easy time of year to figure out what you might be needing, and it’s also a good time to look at what is on sale. I purchased this blazer several years ago on sale for $36. The original price was $200.

Yes, its that time again to start rummaging through the closet and do a little cleaning out. Every year about this time, when the kids were at home and school had just started, we would go through their closets. We would see what fit and what didn’t, what would stay and what would go. Denim, khakis, shorts, tee, jackets and coats. If it didn’t fit one kid, it was passed to the next one in line. That didn’t work with having a girl first, but the system worked really well with the last three being boys.

The kids are all gone now, but the process still goes on in my closet each time the season changes. 

I spent a lot of time in running shorts this summer. My activity level picked up after my husband decided I needed an Apple Watch to compete along with him and 2 of my boys. And it worked.  I haven’t always been one to run around in shorts, but this year I decided they were comfortable on, and I was comfortable in them. 

These yellow shorts are from Loft. The color is so bright and cheery. I wore them at the beach and had this outfit in my insta stories. The shorts were sold out, but they are back in stock. And if that wasn’t good enough, they are on sale, plus an additional 40% off. 

The tee is from Loft too. I liked the little floral pattern, which normally wouldn’t have been what I would have gone with, but decided, “Why not?” I think what it reminded me of is polka dots. I’ve been on a polka dot kick for a while now. 

The belt bag was from the Nordstrom sale. I couldn’t decide between the grey and black. I’m really wishing now I had gotten it in black too. Oh well, the next time I can’t decide, I’m getting both! Lesson learned! 


Photographer/Chloe Enos

Blazer/similar here/Nordstrom

Tee/ Posy Puff Sleeve/Loft

Shorts/Riviera Shorts/Loft

Belt Bag/Treasure & Bond/Nordstrom

Loafers/Sam Edelman “Lior Loafer”/Nordstrom

Earrings/similar here/Nordstrom

Sunnies/Wild Child Cat-Eye Sunglasses/Urban Outfitters


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