Thanksgiving Style Guide For Women over 50

Do you like knits during the Thanksgiving holiday? I do, and that’s why i’ve created a Thanksgiving Style Guide For Women over 50!

Holiday outfits in years past ranged from very dressy to super casual at my house. When all my kids were younger and living with us, I liked everyone to dress up for the Thanksgiving holiday. We would take pictures before we sat down to eat. Then I would use my favorite pictures for our Christmas card that year. Now that my kids are grown, and have kids of their own, I like to wear things that are more conducive for getting down and playing with the grandkids during the holidays. Items that are comfortable and stylish. That’s why I like to say “yes” to knits, during the holiday season!

Cashmere is something I look forward to wearing to family functions this time of year. It feels so SOFT on my skin. If you are a person that’s all about the way things feel, then cashmere will be

for you! It’s very lightweight, but it’s so warm. If you are cold-natured like me, cashmere will become your new best friend to help keep you warm. This knit knows how to compete against the dropping temps outside. The warmth factor per the weight makes this knit a must-have for me.

Thanksgiving Cashmere 2021

It’s easy to add cashmere pieces to your wardrobe this time of year. It all depends on the direction you want to go.

How about starting with a  cashmere scarf or beret, just to see what you think of this plush knit. Then you can move on to a sweater or cardigan, which are always good by themselves or layered with other pieces. Cashmere joggers sets are so in this year. These soft top and bottom sets make for a cozy and comfortable set to wear during the holidays to lounge in or go out in.

A cashmere coat is definitely an investment piece and, depending on where you live, can be a lifesaver. While living in Buffalo, New York with small children, I would’ve given anything to be able to afford a cashmere coat to slip into. A lot of time was spent getting four young children dressed and ready to run out in the cold weather. How nice it would’ve been to just throw on a cashmere coat and go. And, when kept and stored properly can last for years and years.

Chenille is another knit I’m fond of because it is also very soft. The makeup of this yarn can be a combination or blend of cotton, wool, rayon, or silk. The word chenille is french for the word “caterpillar”. This knit is silky and feels very fuzzy and soft to the touch. You will find this particular knit made into blankets as well as sweaters and cardigans.

Long Sweater dresses come next on my list of easy-to-wear items. Just think about feeling like your wrapped up in your favorite throw all day. That’s what a sweater dress is like to me. Add a pair of boots and tights for a chic look. I also like them with socks, sneakers, and a baseball cap for a more casual outfit.

The more comfortable and cozy clothes are this time of year definitely factors into what I choose to wear during the holiday months. Thanksgiving is around the corner! What type of outfit will you be wearing from the Thanksgiving Style Guide For Women over 50 this year?


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