Soft Touch of Color

I’m all about bold colors, but I think sometimes you can be bold with soft colors especially when we’re transitioning from winter to spring. Boldness can be shown through what you wear and also through your attitude and confidence. I believe that confidence in who we are comes from what life has thrown at us by way of our kids, marriages, friendships, jobs, and anything that may have pushed us to grow as an individual.   

One of the things I love about fashion, hair and makeup is how I can change who I am by what I wear each day. It’s one of the reasons I’m all over the map with my style. And I like it that way.  

Pastels are such a soft color palette, that when I wear these shades, I feel like I’m expressing a more girlie and feminine side of myself. 

The inspiration behind this outfit grew from this bag that my daughter got me for Christmas. February is called the Month of Love because of Valentine’s Day, and I think this bag will be a good one to carry for that time, with its beautiful combination both pink and red. The sweater I picked up recently, and I love the colors that run through it  because they work with a lot of skirts, trousers and colored denim I already have at home. It really was a toss up whether to wear these mauve skinny denim or a great lavender pant I have. The mauve won out by a slim margin, and I’ll definitely wear the lavender pant with this sweater and show you when I do! Different colored denim does a great job of pulling  very different colors out of the top. 

The cooler weather led me to wear the striped socks with my pumps and added more texture to the outfit. My feet were also thanking me.

I’ve had this driving coat for some time, and I also have it in gray. There are so many reasons that I love it, which explains why I have two different colors. One reason Is that it has a detachable Peter-Pan type collar. When the collar is removed, I can easily add a fur collar to it, a scarf around my neck or I like the Mandarin-type collar like I’m wearing it today.  It’s a simple and clean look that works with so many things. Another thing that’s nice about this coat is the 3/4 sleeve. This may seem odd, but it’s great for wearing over thicker sweaters. A 3/4 sleeve coat is a great option to have in any closet. My arms don’t feel squeezed when I’m wearing a this sweater/coat combination like they would if I work a long-sleeved coat. 

Valentine’s Day is two weeks from today. I try and celebrate the ones I love 365 days a year, and not just on one single day. It’s interesting to hear what everyone’s take on this “holiday” is. I do know that the price of flowers goes up considerably, especially roses. I like flowers, but I’ve asked my hubby to not purchase them, because I would rather spend the money elsewhere.  A nice dinner at a new restaurant is always the way to my heart, and who doesn’t like an excuse to not have to cook and a fun reason to get dressed up? My sweet man loves to look on Open Table for new places to dine. He likes to plan and explore all the options, and I’m grateful he likes to do the planning. 

So what’s your take on this holiday?


Location/Inman Park

Photographer/Chloe Enos

Sweater/Melrose and Market Popcorn Knit Sweater/Nordstrom Rack

Denim/similar here and here/Nordstrom

Bag/similar here and here/Nordstrom

Socks/similar here/Nordstrom

Heels/sold out

Coat/(vintage)similar here/Nordstrom

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