Soft Cashmere

Cashmere is luxurious and soft and probably one of my favorite fabrics to wrap up in, not only because of the way it feels, but also for the warmth factor. This particular top I’m wearing today is lightweight and a great piece to wear alone or layered (like I have it here) or with a blouse under it.  It’s been around for (cough 10 years cough) a really long time, but that’s what having great basic pieces is all about. I still enjoy wearing it each Winter season. The cold winds blow in, and each spring it gets dry cleaned and stored back up for the next time around.  I’d love to say the suit is pure cashmere too! Yes, I suppose I’m a bit of a dreamer! I like to tell my kids work hard and dream big! Someday I’ll have a real cashmere suit, but for now this wool blend is suiting me just fine.

The process for gathering cashmere is a little more lengthy, making this fabric higher in price then other items, but it’s a good investment. That, for me is what a good wardrobe is made of – clothes that last a lifetime, with a pinch of vintage and a few trends for that season.  It makes getting dressed an adventure. Isn’t adventure what life is all about? 

With the clean lines of this look and conservative feel, I had to throw some funky statement earrings on along with metallic block heeled pumps and clutch. 

Cashmere is timeless and classic!

Cashmere also makes a great gift at this time of year. It’s definitely something I love to receive and give as a gift. I’m giving you some wonderful gift ideas down below, all in cashmere. I will promise you that a gift of cashmere is always special!



Sweater/ similar here and here/Nordstrom

Suit Jacket/similar here and here

Suit Pants/similar here and here

Statement Earrings/similar here/

Metallic Pumps/similar here

Metallic Clutch/similar here and here

Necklace/similar here


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