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I guess this post actually was started on October 31 of last year.  That was the day my husband had a detached retina. Since it runs in his family, it kind of was expected, but it did make me think about my vision – something I just tend to take for granted.

His surgery went fine, but it led me to make an appointment to make sure I could see my best.  You see, I do a lot of detailed work – from applying makeup to performing intricate haircuts, I have to see clearly and in great detail.  So I knew I had to get my vision back to its best.  I’ve worn contacts as long as I can remember, but always had a pair of glasses to wear as a fashion statement and to give my eyes a rest.  As midlife as slowly crept in, I’ve noticed my eyes tend to get dry with contacts, so I have limited the amount of time I wear them and have gone to wearing my glasses a little more.

And since I needed new glasses I thought it would be wise to research the best way to get a new pair of glasses in this modern, digital world. That turned out to be  I had no idea it could be so easy.  You simply take your vision prescription,  a self measurement made easy on their website (Buying Glasses Online), and you have a new pair of glasses in the works.

Mine turned out great, and I wanted to feature them in this blog post.  Glasses can be a wonderful fashion accessory, and these glasses are just that.  For a very affordable price, I was able to pick just what I wanted with absolutely no risk.

I wanted some Rose Gold Aviators, and they turned out beautifully. I could not have bought these glasses locally for the price available.  While I chose the Aviators, there are over 2500 styles to choose from.  It made me think differently about glasses .  At this price point, I think I can use something I need to see clearly as a bold fashion statement.

Thank you to for reaching out to me and showing me your tremendous product selection.



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