Ruffles – you either love them or you don’t. This at least has been my consensus for the most part with the majority of my clients. I can say that it’s been that way with me when it comes to ruffles. I’ve never been a frilly girl, but over the years I’ve decided they have their place. I think a lot of people have come to that same conclusion, because ruffles are in!

Today’s OOTD is interesting in the fact that I purchased the top a couple weeks ago. Something about the colors caught my eye with this cute top. I’m huge fan of pinks and oranges. And the fact that the flowers are poppies was a big plus too. When I wear a top that tends to be more flowy, I try and wear either a bottom that is more fitted or a tailored jacket.

For my body type it gives me a better shape, having a small waist (one of my good features)  and larger hips (the area I try to camouflage or play down). I decided to pair the top with this Free People linen jacket. This jacket hits me at my waistline, and although the top hangs longer, I liked the ruffle hanging out just below the jacket. I wanted the top to be the main attraction! I looked through my closet and came upon this skirt I had purchased last summer and had never worn. I had honestly forgotten I had it. I remember when I bought the skirt, I really liked how it fit at my waist, yet had the flirty ruffle at the bottom. This made for a great outfit to wear out to dinner with my son and daughter in law.  

In the next couple of weeks I’ll show you more ways to incorporate this top into your wardrobe with a completely different look! By the way, ruffles are going to be big this fall and winter.  Are you excited about ruffles?

Linen Jacket//Free People
Top//Harlowe&Graham//Nordstrom Rack
Skirt//Chelsea28//Nordstrom Rack
Gold Watch//Michael Kors
Bag//Banana Republic 


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