Power to the Girls

I’ve always been a big fan of graphic tees. It might be because I worked for Gap for 23 years, and they are known for their classic tees (and graphic tees) and denim. Although I do think I was a big fan of tees and denim long before I worked for the company. Having 4 young children all running around, it was easy to gravitate to this type of clothing. It was kid friendly and still is, even as I watch my granddaughter twice a week.  

 I especially like a graphic t-shirt that makes a statement like this one.

I’ve had to hit the ground running since I returned from Dallas. It’s always a big scramble to get the clothes washed, everything put away and the suitcase put up. I can say this time all the above have all been a big FAIL this week.

  Sometimes you have a week where you let your clothes do all the talking. That’s the kind of week it’s been! It’s a week when I’ve had to remind myself who I am and what really matters in life. Spending time with family this last week has driven this subject home even more for me. “Power to the Girls” can be taken many different ways, but for me Power to the Girls is the power we as women have to love others well. That’s what I tried to do last week with my Southwest family, and that’s what I try to do everyday with everyone I meet.

 We all hold the power….It’s what you chose to do with it!

Photographer/Sam Moore

Fun Graphic Tee/here, here and here/Nordstrom

Denim/(old) similar here, here and here/Nordstrom

Shoes/Hot Pink Sandal/H&M

Necklace/(old)Statement Piece similar here/Nordstrom




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