When I was younger, I never really liked pastels. I had dark hair and fair skin. I thought the lighter shades really washed me out, and I just stayed away from them. I preferred darker colors with richer tones. As I’ve gotten older, my hair color has changed – it’s gone from brunette to auburn, red, strawberry blonde, and even light blonde. When I decided to grow my hair color out to my natural color, I was bleaching and toning to get a silver tone. It was much easier to grow it out. So here I am with silver hair, au naturale!  As my hair has been evolving, so has my skin. Each time my hair color changed, I went through my makeup and tweaked what I was wearing. The colors I wore in my cosmetics needed to be changed to compliment my hair color and skin. The same thing happens as you age, your skin tone changes. I’ve found a lot of women are still wearing the same colors in makeup as they did when they were 5-10 years younger. If you’re like this, it’s okay… I’m right there with you.  Granted, I had the makeup figured out, but I’m just now realizing that I like pastels such as the colors in this Native American Indian motif sweater. I really was taken by the soft color palette that made up the design, and I really feel good wearing them.

Photography// @minoobassery
Booties// Cromwell//@Jeffery Campbell
Cardigan//Sun & Shadow// @T J Maxx
Purse//Jasmine Hobo// @oryanyhandbag  

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