Pajama Party

I have to be honest, I never really have been big into pajamas. As a young child the joke in our house was “don’t get Lisa pajamas, she won’t wear them”. Every morning my mother would come in, and there would be my pajamas next to the bed on the floor. I just remember going to sleep with gown on and in the middle of the night having it all twisted and wrapped around me. Hot and sweaty, I would take the gown off and toss it on the floor. This pattern continued through my adolescent years and into my adult life. 

 For about the last 15 years I’ve worn a sports bra and yoga shorts to bed. And a robe became something I grabbed to throw on over my “night wear”. This really worked well for me as I went through menopause years ago. It definitely brought back memories of being hot and sweaty as a kid. Also wanting to do anything to cool off only to turn around and get cold once the lovely hot flash had passed. 

A couple of months ago I was gifted a “Cool Nights” pajama set from Soma. I wore them around the house but didn’t sleep in them. Old habits die hard. 

On Mother’s Day Soma sent me these lovely pajamas I’m wearing here. 

One night I was up late writing on for the blog and ended up falling asleep in these pajamas. I woke up the next morning surprised I hadn’t woken up in the middle of the night tugging and pulling them off. 

So I decided to try a little experiment. I started tracking my sleep and making a note of what I wore. I have to say I’ve been sleeping like a champ. And I’m extremely impressed by these pajamas. They are soft, comfortable and cool to wear to bed. I also like the bottoms, because they are extra long. 

I also want to tell you all that this particular pattern is on sale. And Soma is also having their Semi Annual sale with an additional 30% off. 

I’ve given you some more choices in the “Cool Nights” Collection down below. Take a look to see some of the other great patterns and colors that these pajamas come in. There is a great deal of options because of the “Mix and Match” possibilities that this collection offers.




Photographer/Chloe Enos

Pajamas top (gifted)/Cool Nights Floral Lines Navy/Soma

Pajama bottom (gifted)/Cool Nights Floral Line Navy/Soma

Pajama cropped bottoms/Cool Nights Floral Lines Navy/Soma

Pajamas short/Cool Nights Floral Lines Navy/Soma







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