Olive Garden

As spring is deciding whether to stay or just visit for a day or two, I’ve already decided I’m ready for ole man winter to move out. I’m finished wearing the heavy layers, so I’m going through and organizing all my winter clothes and packing them up. 

This is a great time to weed out old items and take inventory on what is needed for next year. I have a running list I keep.

As we move toward warmer weather, I pull out my khaki pants and capris. Khaki is a great neutral and goes with everything from prints to stripes. Something I’ve found I like even better then khaki as a neutral is olive, and let me explain why. Most of us wear darker colors during the winter – blacks, browns, blues, reds. I know that many wear white and cream in the winter, but most of us stick to the darker tones and colors.  These darker shades are always slenderizing and hide a multitude of flaws. Every winter when I worked retail, we would get our pants in these dark colors, but when spring arrived, we would get the same pant in a lighter khaki color. It’s amazing the difference these two colors make in the exact same pant. It didn’t matter if it was a skinny fit, straight leg, flare or wide leg, everyone wanted the black pant. I’d grab the Khaki and say “same fit, and it goes with everything”, but they sure didn’t look the same on. That’s when I decided olive would be my new neutral. it is dark enough to hide the flaws and light enough to flow along with all other spring colors.

Here’s a pair of olive wide-leg pants that are just comfortable and easy to wear. It’s my take on a lovely garden planted with all these beautiful flowers on the blouse. 




Wide Leg Pant/similar here/Nordstrom

Blouse/Pattern Blouse/H&M

Pumps/similar here/Nordstrom

Bag/similar here/Nordstrom Rack

Earrings/similar here/Nordstrom

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