National Girlfriend Day

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Today’s the day to celebrate the women that are part of your life, community, family or tribe.

Its National Girlfriends Day!

You know those “girlfriends” who you couldn’t do life without. In my day-to-day life I’ve formed some wonderful relationships with the most unbelievable women. I have a ladies group, and we’ve been friends for over 30 years. We raised our kids together through the good, bad, and the ugly. We had our babies together and bonded over whether we were doing the right thing with our tiny little ones. What diapers to use or whether you were bottle or breast-feeding, did you use a pacifier, what were they doing to get their kids to sleep through the night….? And the list went on. I was so glad to have friends to bounce things off of and to be part of a community of girls that weren’t judgmental. They understood we were all in the same place in life. We went on playdates, and I was even part of a babysitting co-op. Our kids grew up, and so did we! Together we have attended our kids’ weddings with each other and then went on to celebrating our first grand babies together. I’m so thankful to all the women who have been in my life, because whether they knew it or not, they were contributing to who I was as a mother, wife, sister, aunt, grandmother and friend.

I also have a couple of girlfriends from high school, one in particular that is more like a sister to me. I’ll be celebrating this weekend my 40th Class Reunion. And she’s going as my date.

I’m overwhelmed to have the girlfriends I have had throughout my life.

I was thinking about whom I would pick to represent so many brilliant women in my life, and the one woman who came to mind is the first one who showed me how to be a friend and taught me the true meaning of friendship, my Mom.

I’m so grateful to have her as a girlfriend and for loving me unconditionally. She taught me to love people well, and show grace and be a loyal friend who is there through thick and thin. To dig deep when life got tough and always pray.

I had my share of troubles, and she was always there with open arms and a listening ear.

She has lived the last fourteen years 5 miles up the road. Having her close has meant so much to me. To see my children have a strong bond with her, and now I get to see my grandchildren around her when we gather for holidays, birthdays or just because we love getting together. It makes my heart swell to see the love she has for her grandchildren and great grand children.

So why not celebrate “National Girlfriend Day” in a phenomenal pair of denim? (If you have followed me any length of time, you know denim is always my go-to.) And to make it even more special, these are the “girlfriend” denim from Chico’s. They are wonderful for any of your girlfriends at any age. This denim also fits all different sizes women with different shapes. Thats what makes them so outstanding!

So make sure your girlfriend knows how special she is to you!


Photographer/Sam Moore

Mom’s Outfit

Girlfriend Denim

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My Outfit

Girlfriend Denim

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