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Have you ever heard someone say Lucky #7? I’ve heard it a lot, and it’s made me wonder where the saying came from. I had heard people say “#7 is my lucky number”  and most of it was when I was in Las Vegas, but I wanted to look it up for myself to see what all the talk was about. What I found was really interesting, so I’ll share it with you. And then you can tell me what you think!


So here are some facts for you about the #7:

There are 7 days in the week, these days are named after some of the planets. For example Monday (Moon), Tuesday (Mars), Wednesday (Mercury), Thursday (Jupiter), Friday (Venus), Saturday (Saturn) and Sunday, well if you are going with the theme here it would be? Yes, you guessed it the Sun! This is all based on the Babylonian System of the cycle of the new Moon. A week is about a quarter of the time from the new moon to the next.

In nature there are seven colors in a rainbow, seven Wonders of the world and seven Continents.

In the Bible the number 7 is the number of perfection or completion.  In the first book of the Bible, Genesis, it says that God created the world and everything in it in 7 days.

In 2015 New Castle University hosted the UK Numbers Festival, and they did a survey. One of the questions in the survey was, “What is your favorite number and why?” There were around 10,000 people in attendance, and they polled 442 people. Out of the 442 people polled 12.6 percent picked the number seven. A lot of people expressed an interest in number 7 for a variety of reasons and not just because it was considered lucky. A number of people said that they had no idea why they liked it. 

The number seven is also prevalent when it comes to the human brain and our ability to remember.  Our immediate memory has been shown to perform well when remembering up to, and no more than, seven things. We can distinguish and make a judgement about seven different categories, and remember around seven objects at a glance. The brain remembers best in sets of sevens, because that is how our brains prefer to store data.

Whether you think the number 7 is lucky or not is up to you. I am feeling lucky to discover Rockport has some very comfortable and fashion forward shoes. I have to admit that my momma has worn Rockport for years. I never really felt like there was anything that I would really like – well I was wrong.  I’m really pleased with these Alanda silver Brogues I was gifted by Rockport. They have been like slippers since I put them on my feet. Brogues originated in Ireland and were a working shoe. They were casual and not nearly as dressy as these wingtip metallic beauties. The crepe white soles bring these shoes up a notch as well,  making them a great mate for a pair of bermuda shorts to dresses and skirts. (Click here to activate a 25% discount, then click here to buy the shoes I’m wearing)  These shoes would be lovely to take on a vacation where you would be doing a lot of walking such as New York City, Las Vegas or Nashville.

I paired them with this patterned metallic print top from Free People. This fun little top has the cutest little matte silver buttons down the back. I found this top at Nordstrom Rack a month ago. I want to point out that I really fell for the metallic and khaki mix pattern.  I’m sure this top was made to wear with high waisted pant or on someone that didn’t mind showing a little midriff skin. This however wasn’t going to work for me, so I fixed that problem by wearing a camisole under the top. This is a great fix for those of you who shy away from some of the shorter tops for fear of them revealing more skin than you would like. For this subtle monochromatic look I added khaki animal print denim for texture and to break up and balance out the metallic in the top, belt and shoes. 

A big thank you to my daughter for the custom tassel with custom charm that’s on my clutch that reads:

The Silver Stylist


Please let me know what you think about the brogues? And how would you wear them?

Thank you for taking the time to stop by!





Photography/Sam Moore

Shoes/Alanda Brogue Derby/Rockport

White Camisole/(old) similar here here and here

Top/(sold out) similar here, here and here/Free People

Denim/(old) similar here here and here

Belt/(old) similar here 

Clutch/ (old) similar here and here/TJ Maxx

Over Size Tassel and Custom Charm/Kendra Beshk

Chandelier Earrings/(old) similar here and here

Sunnies/ Icons 53mm Retro Sunglasses/RayBan




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