Looking Forward to a New Normal

I decided I’d jump on here and see how everybody was doing. I hope you all are safe and taking care of yourselves while the world is a bit upside down. I feel funny getting on here to write like everything is normal, because it is far from it. I do believe attitude is everything, and we’re all in this together.  So let me say I’m grateful to be surrounded by such a wonderful community of people I’ve had the privilege of meeting over the years here on my blog. You all keep me going, along with my family and my faith. And know you are in my thoughts and prayers each day.

So this is how we’ve been spending our days the last 4 weeks. We have definitely been staying home longer than what our state or city quarantines have mandated. We have tried to be extremely safe, due to the fact that my sweet husband has heart disease. It was a year ago April 1st when Matt had his quadruple bypass surgery. I thought about putting something up, or writing something to celebrate the date on my social media.  It just didn’t seem right with everything that was going on with so many. We are most grateful and thankful for all of those that reached out during that time though. You don’t realize how you held us up while we were in the hospital. It was through your kind words of encouragement, prayers and those of you who brought meals or that picked up the phone and called to check in. Those acts of kindness really helped us through the healing process. I guess I’m trying to do the same with people that I know that are going through a tough time now. I’ve been trying to get in touch with everyone that comes to my mind.

My parents always taught me to pay it forward. The world doesn’t revolve around us. Life should be about looking beyond yourself to the needs of others, and it’s better to give than to receive.

My parents are also right down the road from me. I have been keeping up with them and have picked up a few things they needed at the grocery. They need to stay in to stay safe.

The biggest thing for me right now is how much I miss people, my family, my friends, my community. I know this is the best thing for everyone to stay in and shelter-in-place.

My outfit today is basically what I’ve been living in the last couple weeks. I’ve been hanging out in a great pair of denim, an interesting top or athleisure wear. And yes, on a couple days I’ve stayed in my pajamas.  I’ve tried to stick to getting dressed each day, because it makes me feel better. I suppose it’s all about what I can control and what I can’t. I can control when I get up and choose to wear for that day.

This outfit was shot in Charlotte, North Carolina before the Holidays.  I had the opportunity to travel with my husband on a work related trip. I was able to stay with my photographer friend, Olga Mohr at her lovely home near Concord while Matt traveled the surrounding areas seeing customers. We ran around like old girlfriends chatting  away as we shopped and dined at some of the great local restaurants in her area. What a lovely time we had.

I dream about being able to get out and go like this again. I want to travel, enjoy my family, friends and make the most of each day. I do know life will be different, but my hope is it will be different in a good way. I hope we can look back and say “Boy, that was hard, but I learned to love better.”


Photographer/Olga Mohr

Denim/similar here and here

Top/(sold out) similar here

Booties/on sale/similar here

Faux Leather Moto Jacket/similar here

Large Tote Bag/similar here

Earrings/similar here

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