Lacey Days and Denim

Before we talk about this outfit, I feel like I need to get you all caught up on what’s been going on.

My husband had to have heart surgery, so we have been taking things easy these last few weeks. Quadruple heart bypass surgery is ”Big Boy” surgery. We have been taking it one day at a time. Every day my guy is getting a little stronger. We laugh and say he got into shape, lost 20 pounds and was walking 4-6 miles a day to have heart surgery. It is the truth in so many ways, and it is the way it has really turned out.

Matt has been going to physical therapy 3x a week. He can’t drive for another week to week and a half. The biggest issue he has had to deal with recently is insomnia. It’s slowly getting better. I’m planning on writing more on all this after we go to Matt’s first Dr’s appointment after surgery which will be the first part of May. I feel like there is important information that everyone needs to know.

We did have a wonderful Easter considering everything that has gone on.

We had a very nice day, but it was much different then we have had in years past. We normally have had everyone come to my parents’ house. Mom and I would discuss the menu a week or so in advance. Then we would let the rest of the crew know what they could bring.

This year it was at my house (to make it easier on Matt if he needed to slip away and rest), and I was to decide on the menu ahead of time but, sometimes you have to bow out (I was overwhelmed) and ask for help. My brother and his wife were nice to come to my rescue, and they came delivering a delicious mediterranean meal.

Matt and I were able to get to church, which I didn’t think was going to be possible. We have missed all of our friends and community there.

I also got to dress up and get out of work-out gear! I wore my easter maxi skirt that I wrote about here. I also decided at the last minute to wear this lace victorian style top that I’m showing you on this post. It made for the perfect easter frock.

Today’s post is just showing you that this victorian style lace top can look dynamic with denim and the perfect white pumps.

These high waisted straight leg are fast becoming my favorite jeans, because I like the loose, relaxed fit of the legs. They are comfortable at the waist and hug and hold me in through my hips. That’s the area where I have the “wobbly bits” as my wonderful British friends would say. If you are a curvy girl, you know what I mean! If you aren’t well, damn you.

I’m also excited to show you these white pumps from The Walking Cradle Company. I won them in a contest from the Forever Fierce Revolution. Aren’t they cute? And not only that, they are comfortable and come in the size I need, a size 9 narrow. This is a hard size to find in a nice looking and attractive shoe that I would want to wear. Over the years I’ve added insoles and padding to help my shoes fit better. I know the struggles with narrow feet and have had to help others with the same issues but with the opposite problem, needing a wider width. Walking Cradles also come in other sizes that are hard to get and find too. The sizes that they carry are from size 4-13, and the widths are narrow, slim, medium, wide and wide wide.

And the shoes are stylish!

White pumps are definitely a reminder of Easter’s past when I was a kid and when my daughter was a little girl. I almost always had a new dress for Easter and new white shoes as a youngster. The only difference now is i’m not a child anymore, but I do like having new white shoes this time of year to go with a top like this one.

This style of top is very much on trend. They tend to fall under the category of “Romantic” tops. If you are on the hunt for this look, I’ve gathered quite a few for you to pick from down below. This top looks fab with denim like I have it here. It also looks beautiful under a suit jacket and matching trousers or with a pair of patterned wide leg pants.

And speaking of romantic, this look would be perfect for a date night with your special someone. I can’t wait to have my next date night with my guy. And also to see what the last bit of April has in store for us.



Denim/similar here/Frame

Shoes/ Jessica Pump/The Walking Cradle Company

Belt/similar here/Banana Republic

Earrings/similar here/Nordstrom

Bag/similar here/Nordstrom

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