Keeping Balanced

Keeping balanced is key in my life. The best way I’ve found to keep balanced is by exercise and trying to eat healthy. That hasn’t always been the case here of lately, but I go back to what I know. I know I feel better when I’m active and eat right. I have more energy and sleep great. I’ve also been reading about the health benefits of keeping an active life as we age. Did you know that people that are flexible live longer? I’ve read several articles on health and wellness that state the biggest mistakes people make as they age and decide to retire is inactivity. The article stated that many feel they have earned the right to relax and you have, but don’t stop moving. It’s just the opposite of the “retirement” expectation.

I walk and run (a little running) and it’s so nice to get out as the weather has permitted. I have a four mile loop I do from my house. We also like to head down down to the belt line and walk with my two sons that live downtown. 

I also get a work out when I watch my sweet Frankie. Picking her up and down has toned my arms up. You don’t have to join some expensive gym or health club to get the activity you need to stay flexible and healthy.

I’m also looking into taking some yoga classes this summer around the corner from my house. I’m  hoping I can get the hubby to join, and we can start going together. 

Being comfortable as you work out and having the proper support in your workout gear is also very important. Today’s #ootd workout attire consists of these leggings from Soma. These leggings are great for a couple of reasons, one there’s no front or back seam on them, and two they come up nice and high on the waistline. I’ve paired it with a Lululemon tank that’s very lightweight. It’s great for the warmer weather and dries quickly if you tend to sweat. My sports bra is full support because being bigger busted, I need all the support I can get. My running/walking shoes are by Mizuno. I actually went and had someone fit me for these shoes. I had always gone and picked out my own shoes. This time I decided to have someone look at how I walk and run and where I strike my foot as I exercise. Taking care of your feet is huge! I’m pigeon-toed (I inherited this from my dad. I wore braces on my feet as a kid at night. Fun times.) and wanted the proper shoes for what I was using them for. I’ve been very pleased with these shoes and it’s almost time for a new pair. 

So what are you doing to stay healthy? I’d love to hear from you, and remember, it’s never too late to start!

Good luck with keeping balanced, fit and flexible.



Photographer/Cathy Marszalik

Legging/Slimming Cropped Legging/Soma

Tank/Lululemon Cool Racerback/Amazon

Sports Bra/(old) similar here/Athleta

Running Shoes/Mizuno Wave Rider 20 Running Shoe/Amazon


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