Jumping into the Weekend

The weekend’s here – time to relax and rejuvenate from the busy week. I also get the opportunity to sit and relax with my sweet love. It’s a time to slow down a little bit and catch up with what went on in our week. If your household is like mine, the rhythm through the week is fairly fast-paced, and I always try to keep dinner at a specific time. Whereas during the weekend the rhythm of the household slows down, and we try to rest, lightening up on how structured our days are.

This weekend is a bit different! I’m excited, because my little love, my granddaughter, is spending the night. Her parents are heading out to celebrate her daddy’s birthday downtown. I watch her twice a week at her house, but it’s great fun to have her here in our home. I’m slowly getting a bedroom put together for her. She’s the only grandchild, but not for long!

My son and his wife are expecting a little boy before Christmas. We are thrilled and can hardly wait! So I want to be able to have them come stay and be comfortable while they’re here. I remember having to bring so much baggage when we traveled with little ones. They all live close, but I’m hoping it will make coming over a bit less stressful. Being a grandparent has been such a blessing.


Well, as I jump into this weekend, here’s my attire. I’m just going to tell you that I’m really drawn to this rust color. So it will be a color I will be wearing a lot this season.  Some other colors that are getting my attention are nude, mauve, burgundy, olive, browns and golds. These colors will be woven into my closet of black, grey, navy and winter white…. basic colors that are already housed here.  Here’s hoping your weekend is relaxing and colorful!!


Photography/Sam Moore/@getsmoorephotos.com

Top/Lush/TJ Maxx



Shoes/Halagen ‘Owen’ Pointy Toe Ghillie Flat/Nordstrom

Necklace/COS Store

iPad Cover /Kate Spade/TJ Maxx


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