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Motoring through is what I’m trying to do! Yes, the weather has turned rather cold here, in fact they have closed schools today here in Atlanta. I know I will hear from my Canadian friends on whether I really understand what true cold weather really is. I have dear friends that live in the Calgary area, and when I fussed about it being 37 degrees here the other day, they informed me that it was the same there, and they were still wearing their flip flops. OH MY GOSH, I just shiver thinking about that!

I’ve lived in upstate New York and Michigan and get cold weather, but living down south now for over 20 years has made my blood thin. I’m okay with that, I like the seasonal changes here and that it does get winter like, but just not quite that bitter cold where the kids couldn’t even go out to play because the temps were so low. 

I remember letting the kids roller skate in the basement and ride their bikes inside too. Funny to think about that time, sweet memories and loads of snow. Seasons changed, kids grew up, and we motored on through that time.

So as I motor though this season I’m in now, here are a couple great jackets to have in your closet.

 This Black Moto jacket I’ve had for years, so long it got me thinking just how long had I had it?  I ran upstairs to the closet to see what the tag said. I know you all are thinking what in the world is she talking about, but there is a tag with numbers in most garments that represent the season and year the item was made. Some of you may have known that, some may not. I’ve had this jacket since 2011, it never really went out of the rotation for me. I consider this a classic jacket, like a denim jacket or leather aviator. These are all jackets that I have accumulated through the years and some were investments and others were just end of season great deals. Depending whether you like leather, or “leather like” pieces, this will determine the price. One or all three of these jackets are MUST HAVE as far as I’m concerned.

I’ll give you a quick look-back over the years on how I’ve worn all three!

Here’s another look at the this same black Moto jacket (here) when I wore it back at the end of summer to show how to transition an outfit from summer to fall. I’ve gotten so much wear out of this jacket and have been able to style it many different ways, I purchased a white moto jacket in the fall. I wore it here and here and it will be a great go-to piece in the spring!

I’ve worn the leather Aviator here with a dress, and here with black cargo pants. I liked this jacket style so much too, I bought it in olive here several years back.

A denim jacket is considered classic and timeless in my mind. I wear it as a layering piece now under a warm coat, but it works great alone here a couple winters ago, and here in the fall and here in spring. 


Jacket/similar here/Nordstrom

Blouse/similar here/Nordstrom

Skirt/similar here/Bloomingdale’s

Bag/(on sale)similar here/Kate Spade

Shoes/(on sale)Margery Heels/Kate Spade

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