Its Summer, take the Plunge

Its summer, take the plunge! That’s right, it’s swimsuit season. I know most of you are saying, “No way, no how! You won’t catch me in a swimsuit, because I can’t find one I like or fits right.” Or maybe the issue is when you try to shop for a suit, the bottoms fit, but the top doesn’t or vice versa. I want to share with you this really cute line of swimsuits my daughter found. She ordered a suit and loved it. She then said “Mom you really need to look at this brand”. So I looked up Kortni Jeane and immediately knew this was going to be a line that would work for me. For starters their sizes run from XS(0-2) to XL (16-18). They are sold in separates, so if you need one size top and a totally different size bottoms, they’ve got it.  I’m also really excited for you to see all the options they offer and the cute patterns to choose from. I also love the fact you can mix and match this line.

 I know I’m excited about taking my granddaughter to the pool, so being comfortable in a swimsuit is very important. The high-waisted bottoms fit nicely, and there are no worries about bending over to pick up a grand baby, because there is ample coverage for my mid-lifer derrière. The tops run the same way.  I feel confident wearing this suit and don’t have to worry about any of my wobbly bits or parts showing.

I love swimming and being outdoors, but please make sure to use sunscreen. The sun is not your friend, and the damage you do now from tanning and burning won’t show up for 30 years– and by then its too late.

 I also recommend a hat as well to protect your hair and shade your face!

Happy Summer to all!


Photographer/Sam Moore

Top/Ladder Back Top/ Kortni Jeane

Bottom/High Waisted Bottoms/Kortni Jeane

Hat/B.P. Floppy Straw Look Hat/Nordstom

Float/Lemon Ridge similar here/Target

Sun Screen/Coola/Sephora

Beach Bag/Rebecca Minkoff StrawTote/Nordstrom

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