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Want to know the best way to wear bold colors? Bold colors are an excellent way to spice up your look for the new season, and i’m a BIG believer in breaking fashion rules. Here’s how you can wear them best!

For those who aren’t so friendly with bold colors:

This first way is for those of you who normally don’t wear color but want to try incorporating a bit into your wardrobe this season. The best way is to start out small by adding an accessory like a bag or a pair of shoes.


For Bold Color Lovers:

For those of you who are already doing that, but want to amp up their game try adding bold colored trousers or a jacket, maybe even a coat this Fall. I’m a color lover so I’m all about a bold monochromatic look. This also is a very flattering way to dress for all shapes and sizes of bodies. It’s slimming and will make you appear taller too.

I also like tonal dressing for those that want color yet are concerned that they may look like an easter egg walking down the street. Tonal dressing is picking a color and wearing pieces that are in that same color family but in varying shades. The key to this is wearing different textures to make it exciting and interesting.


Styling Tips:

The best practice is to make sure if you are conscious of a certain area, let’s say for instance your hips or bust, you wouldn’t wear a bright color on these areas to draw attention. I mean the Grammy’s were a great example of that with all the colorful outfits I saw on the red carpet. I think many of us (myself included) have missed color from being cooped up for the last year in loungewear.

So, how are YOU going to wear bold color this fall?




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