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✨ It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year! ✨


It’s holiday time and we all need to get our holiday shopping done! So, I’m here with a Holiday Gift Guide for you. Whether you’re looking for gifts for your man or your grandkids, there is something on this list that everyone will love. And of course, if you’re over 50 like me then don’t worry- I’ve got my favorite picks too! I’ve also listed some of the items over the years that I’ve received and had on my Christmas list. 


First up, Here’s a little education in fragrance picking.

Perfumes (have more oils) and are more concentrated than Cologne. These fragrances are made up of keynotes that you smell.

  1. The first note is what you smell directly after you’ve sprayed it on your skin.
  2. The second note is after it has sat on the skin for a couple of minutes and has dried down.
  3. The third note is what you are left with once it has been worn for a while and mixed with the oils on your skin and body chemistry.

This is why we can smell someone’s fragrance and think it smells wonderful. We can go pick up the same fragrance that smells so good and spray it on ourselves and it doesn’t smell the same. It all has to do with how it mixes with our own chemistry and oils.



Of course, I still love a new set of pajamas and a new pair of slippers. I’ve listed some of my favorites down below.

In years past I would buy the kids a new set of pajamas at Christmas. This was the one gift I would let them open on Christmas Eve, so we could all wear them the next morning as we opened up gifts. I’m sure over time they weren’t as excited to receive them, but I have some great pictures and sweet memories of every one of those Christmas mornings.


Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Beauty

Beauty and hair products are always great purchases this time of year because you can get some wonderful deals. A gift with a purchase or a purchase with a purchase is a big plus. Body cream or lotion added to a fragrance purchase is something I look for and they sell out quickly. When you layer lotion/cream and perfume the scent lasts so much longer on your skin.


Holiday Gift Guide 2021: For the Grandkids

Speaking of kids I made a gift guide for Frankie Rae and Navy Moon. I added in there a few items to this Holiday Gift Guide that are easy stocking stuffers as well.

For Boys Age 5-7:


For Tween Girls Age 7-10:


Holiday Gift Guide 2021: For the Men

I know many people struggle with choosing what to purchase for their husband, son, sons-in-law, or significant other. I have 3 grown guys of my own and they all like different things. Here’s what they asked for gifts this year:


Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Home Items



Holiday Gift Guide: Hostess & Employee Gifts



Happy Holidays from my family to yours,



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