Here’s to #37

You know you have found your soul mate when your anniversary rolls around, and he’s okay with you taking the afternoon to go and shoot for your blog. Instead he plans to take you to a new restaurant this weekend to celebrate, because he feels like you do. We both think that everyday we’re thankful for just being able to do life with each other. And for second chances!

I also feel extremely blessed to have a husband that supports me in whatever I choose to do as well. 

 Yesterday , I celebrated 37 years of marriage and feel like the luckiest girl in the world!  I met my husband when I was 16 years old. Many, many moons ago! We were so young and had no clue on what the world was really all about. We were living on Love, and our ignorance was bliss.  We had been married 2 years and welcomed our first child, our daughter,  Jessica.

We were moving every couple years, as my husband moved up the corporate ladder. Long story short, we divorced after being married 5 years. I’ll save this story for a longer blog post at a later date. One thing I will say was that our priorities were way off, and our life was all about things and not what was important….which was each other, our family and our faith. We were blessed though with some amazing family and friends, that loved and prayed for us. Slowly we began to realize what was important in our lives, and where we had lost our way. We lived in two different cities when this miracle began to happen. And neither one of us shared what we were going through with the other, until National Prayer day came along. A few days before that day my ex-husband ask me if I would read a book “Reconcilable Differences” by Jim Talley.  It basically said that we needed to reconcile ourselves to each other, because each day we are shown grace, mercy and forgiveness. And so 30 years ago we chose to do that and remarry each other.  It hasn’t been easy, but I can say it has been worth it. 

We also have 3 wonderful boys that would never have existed, if we hadn’t chosen that path. And 2 grandchildren that we both adore.

Life isn’t easy, it never has been, but it’s been worth the time and investment. I’m so very thankful for this man, for his unconditional love, grace and mercy. Also for second chances!

Each year I also get a poem from him. He should have worked for Dr. Suess, but then I probably would of never met him. My win and Dr. Suess’s loss.


37th Anniversary 1980’s TV Edition


So I’ve done songs and movies

This year it’s the Shows

The television programs

That our age group knows


Our Happy Days started

On a hot August day

You still a teenager

It’s amazing to say


Growing Pains we would have

But we’ve fought through each one

Family Ties have grown solid

And now it’s just fun


Being Married With Children

It’s just such a blast

It’s fun to think back

And remember the past

We weren’t Mork & Mindy

and not Perfect Strangers

But Wonder Years happened

Despite snares and dangers


Three’s Company turned into

Four, Five and Six

Who’s the Boss seems so silly

Our marriage just clicks


So Cheers to our union

and our Quantum Leap

Our Dynasty solid

and our A-Team will keep


Our Love Boat on course

And our future will weather

Our Full House all spread out

But still closer than ever.

P.S. If you like the top I’m wearing, Ive linked several below! Some of them are on sale, and some are full price. It looks like ruffles and cold shoulder tops are still going strong into the Fall. I’ve enjoyed wearing them because I still like my shoulders!  And how about you, have you enjoyed wearing the cold shoulder and ruffles this season? I’d love to hear your thoughts?


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