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Happy Weekend everyone! Life has been crazy for me, as I’m sure it has been for a lot of you. When life gets crazy, I go for simple and easy. In the summer, when I get up, I normally grab a tee and a pair of shorts to put on. I’ve never been one to hang out in my pajamas or robe for too long. I wish I could, but for whatever reason, it makes me feel like a slug. That’s probably why I’m tired a good bit – might need to learn to relax more. 

 Here is a quick easy outfit to wear with a fun graphic tee. I have so many of these tees that I have collected over the years. Some tees that I have are from places we have vacationed, others are sports related (adopted from the boys through the years) and others are vintage like the one I have on today. I can’t remember when I picked this one up, but it’s at least 5-6 years all. It’s a cute tee to throw on with a pair of shorts and trainers or sandals. This is what you will find me in most of the time, if you were to stop by my house – this or a pair of running shorts and a tank top.

I was wearing a tee with shorts the other day when I remembered I was supposed to head downtown and stay with my sweet grandson. I would be watching him and giving his mom and dad a date night out with friends. He’s 6 months old and so very precious. I wasn’t quite sure if I would be taking him out, but just in case, I decided to dress up a little. I changed the shorts and added this patterned yellow denim and a linen blazer and a pair of suede lilac flats.

I have a charm necklace I wear most of the time. It has all different kinds charms on it. They all have a special meaning to me. A couple of the charms are from Tiny Tags. The kids went in and gave me these two charms a couple years ago. One has Frankie Rae’s name on one side and date of birth, and one has my anniversary on it. I need to get one for Navy now! He loves playing with all the charms when I’m holding him.  

Back to the graphic tee! I don’t care what age you are, you can wear a graphic tee. The old saying “Try it, you’ll like it” may apply to you.  I’m also fond of seeing these tees turn up in an unexpected mix of fashion, like for instance with a floral pant, silk skirt or even sequins. If you aren’t sure how to wear them, I just gave you a few examples. There are so many fun tees out now to pick from, I’ll leave you with a few of my favorites down below.

Have a great weekend!



Graphic Tee/(old) similar here/Nordstrom

Denim/(old) similar here and here

Blazer/(old) similar here and here

Shoes/(old) similar here and here

Necklace/Tiny Tags

Tote/(old) similar here and here

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