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Spring is here, or at least that’s what the calendar says. I love Spring because of the warming weather and all of the blooming trees and flowers!  Every day shows a new burst of life and color.  And I so love beautiful Springtime colors!  Transitioning through the seasons means transitioning with your wardrobe as well, and nothing works better for me than my favorite Spring color, Coral. 

Coral is a great transition color, because it can still be worn with dark colors such as gray and navy. And that makes it easy if you’re still digging your way out of the cool or colder weather.  I think we’ve had all four seasons here in Georgia the last few weeks, but it looks to me like Spring is now officially here! I’m going to enjoy every minute of it before we welcome the heat of Summer.  

One of the ways I’ve dealt with the ups and downs of the thermostat is with pieces like this turtleneck from Lilla P.  This top is 100% cotton, which I love, and has this nice 3/4 sleeve. I’ve worn it with my hair tucked in the turtleneck on those brisk mornings I’m zipping out the door. Who says the hair tuck is only for the younger gals? I say it works well for us ladies who are young at heart as well. I’m wearing it here with dark gray denim, but coral is just lovely with a multitude of other colors. 

I’m also showing you a few other coral tops that I think are beauties down below. Check them out and tell me what you think.

So be like Spring and burst with color!



Top/Elbow Sleeve Turtleneck/Lilla P.

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