A Classic: Slip Dress

This weekend marked Frankie’s 6th birthday celebration! We had a small get together with family. And, ever the little fashionista, Frank also had a little outing with a few of her friends where they went for mani pedis. She is so special to me and definitely a little one after my own heart. She’s drawn to details with a sense of understanding that feels so wise beyond her years. And I’ll never grow tired of seeing her run to me, exclaiming “Oh, Mimi, I love that purse!” Exclaiming her approval over the outfits we pick for each other warms my soul the way nothing else can.

In the spirit of Frankie’s attention to detail I want to encourage and challenge all of you to experiment with the finer details this month. Let’s get into texture! And really start to play with the simplistic beauty that can be found in subtlety. 

We’ve been discussing functional pieces recently and really digging into the importance of finding items to add to our wardrobes that promote versatility and the space for pushing the limits with our creativity. And there’s no piece that shouts flexibility louder than a slip dress. 

It’s a timeless piece, perfect for anyone of any age, to wear year-round, for absolutely any occasion. It fits so seamlessly into so many different styles of fashion. It serves its stylish purpose, whether you’re looking to create an ensemble that’s classically conservative, or to put together an outfit that’s a bit more sultry and rough around the edges. The adaptability of this piece facilitates an endless number of styling possibilities. And the rich history is simply impossible to ignore. 

A slip dress is the most timeless attire I can think of. Surprisingly, its first fashion appearance wasn’t by the iconic Princess Diana in the 1990’s, although she made it extremely fashionable. This dress actually dates all the way back to the middle ages! In the early 20th century, women began to move away from cumbersome undergarments in favor of something lighter and easier to manage. And almost a century later, this particular undergarment worked its way to the forefront of fashion. Where, instead of staying plain, it now shows up as a year round wardrobe staple.  Talk about resilience!

You don’t have to be John Galliano to add those stylish embellishments. Make it your own! [play around] and add a little bit of spice to make the dress work for you! You can add extra layers by throwing a turtleneck underneath. Pair it with a long coat and your favorite pair of boots, and there you have a great look that’s totally functional for the winter time. Or, you could strip it down and take your dress back to basics, by wearing it alone, for a flowing, more simple look, that’s fantastic for catching soft spring and summer breezes. 

This muted color palette is the perfect venue to take a deep dive into what texture can do for you. Here, I’ve paired knee socks with suede platform sandals. And this curly lamb clutch is so much fun when mixed with the knitted pattern of this short sweater cape.  It’s all subtle. While, simultaneously, it all stands out. 

I tucked my hair into the neckline of the cape to create the illusion of a bob. Pulling my hair a bit up and out of the way created space for my eyes to really take in the shape and silhouettes of this slip dress/cape combo. And it melds in so well with the almost monochromatic theme for the outfit. A faux bob is a fantastic way to switch up your look without the stress or commitment of a haircut. 

I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to be a stylish Mimi.

If I could go back and try to explain to the younger me the fantastic opportunities I’ve had at 59, she’d laugh. If my younger self had to describe what it would look like to turn 60 in 2021, I doubt it would be very positive. Now that I’m actually here, it ‘s definitely so much more refreshing, delightful, and I’ve never felt more alive. And one of my favorite things is being a Mimi. It’s like the icing on Frankie’s birthday cake, it’s one of the sweetest and very best parts.


Slip Dress/ similar here

Short Cape/ similar here and here

Socks/similar here

Suede Sandals/here

Fur Clutch/similar here

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  1. Francine Mueller wrote:

    Oh! My absolute favorite! I love the look of tone on tone and use it in a lot of my jewelry designs. But that sweater top is just too amazing! Where can I get it please? I would love this outfit to wear on our next cruise (hopefully in 2022). And by the way both my mom and I have been called Frankie. I’m also a Nonnie and really love being one.

    Posted 3.4.21 Reply
    • Lisa Hale wrote:

      Hi Fran,

      I purchased this cape sweater from COS last year. They have wonderful clothes that are somewhat classic with a twist. This cape is sold out, sadly. I will keep my eyes open and on the lookout for something similar for you.

      Thank you for writing. Blessings to you and your family!


      Posted 3.18.21 Reply