Thanksgiving, Chunky Sweater and a Floppy Hat

Thanksgiving is over, and what a fun day it was! Everyone gathered at my house, and we had loads of delicious food, lots of time to snuggle with the sweet grand babies and a great time visiting with each other. It’s sometimes difficult for us all to get together because of our busy schedules. I’m so glad we were all able to be under one roof to eat and enjoy each other’s company.

I am most thankful!

Having everyone over at my house in years past would have stressed me to the limit but not this year! I made it easy and told everyone to bring what they wanted, because we always have plenty of food. I cooked the turkey, made whipped potatoes, Mac & cheese, gravy and sweet potato casserole. The kids, and mom and dad filled in with a great mix of other wonderful dishes like tomato pie.  (Here is the recipe) It’s from Mary Mac’s Tea Room, a well known restaurant here in Midtown, Atlanta. We also had jalapeño corn muffins, brussel sprout salad, pumpkin cheese cake and a pound cake, pumpkin pie and some lovely red and white wines. It definitely was a feast fit for a king and or queen. I think everyone was quite content with full bellies when they left. We also ate earlier at 3pm, so we weren’t miserable when it was time to head to bed. I can’t tell you how many times we have eaten at 6pm and still felt stuffed like a turkey when it was time to head off to sleep. Eating earlier is so much better with the larger then normal meal.

After Thanksgiving we had a busy weekend that was delightful with football (High school and college football)  a day trip to Knoxville, TN and a birthday for my grandson, Navy Moon. He turned a year old! Time really does fly by rather quickly this time of year!

As the holiday season and the craziness of it all ensues, I tend to go for loose over-sized sweaters, because they are warm and not restricting. I wear these sweaters half tucked to visually bring your eye in toward my smaller waist. (I don’t really know if it’s as small as it used to be after the Thanksgiving meal I had.) It looks just as nice untucked too. Another great way to wear some of the oversized sweaters and top is to grab the bottom edge of the hemline and twist it a couple times and either tuck it in the pocket or waistline of the pant you are wearing.  For those of you who have a smaller waist it emphasizes it. For those of you who don’t have a smaller waist, it can give the illusion you do. 

I’m enjoying wearing hats more now since I grew my bangs out. When I had bangs and wore a hat, I didn’t dare remove it because my bangs were either glued to my forehead or standing straight up. Now it’s no bangs, no worries! It’s also easy to grab a hat when you don’t want to worry about taking the time to fix your hair and get out early to beat the crowds and traffic during this season. 

Or for those of you that are on-line shopping, there are great deals to be had still. I’ll give you some of my favorites down below. Also you can check my “Favorite Places” to shop on my blog for more great deals and savings! Just click on the highlighted links.


Sweater/similar here and here/ Nordstrom

Denim/similar here/Nordstrom

Hat/similar here/Nordstrom

Necklace/(old) My Choice/Nordstrom

Earrings/similar here/Nordstrom

Booties/similar here /Nordstrom


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