Chic Boho for Winter

Chic Boho for winter, and here’s all I did! Transitioning a long maxi skirt from summer to winter with ease and layers. 

This maxi skirt was featured here when I wore it during the summer. For my Winter Boho look I’ve layered this skirt up. On this particular day the weather had been sunny but was starting to cool off. It wasn’t quite winter coat weather, although here in Atlanta, the weather loves to play tricks on you and give you spring like weather one day and snow the next. 

I started by layering a camisole under this oversized crew neck sweater. As the weather starts to get even colder, I’ll exchange the camisole for a long sleeve sheer cotton stretch body tee. I’ve found this helps if you tend to have sensitive skin with certain knit, especially wools. I added the belt which gave me a little better shape. There are days I wished I was taller then my 5’6″ height, because I really do like wearing slouchy clothing. Unfortunately my height is not conducive for this look. I look like I’m wearing a potato sack if I don’t at least tuck or belt the top down.

This maxi skirt is really long, and I wore it with taller wedges in the summer, so to stop from tripping and stepping on the skirt, I grabbed the hemline and tied a knot in it.  It shortened the skirt up. I’ve also worn a fitted black skirt under this same skirt and placed the knot even higher so you could see more of the skirt underneath.

I added these booties, fun socks, hat and backpack. I was set to go!

Making the most out of your wardrobe is what’s fun for me! How many different ways can you wear a piece and make it look different using your creativity? I believe the possibilities are endless!


Skirt/similar here and here/Anthropologie

Sweater/Similar here and here/Bloomingdale’s

Belt/similar here/Nordstrom

Booties/similar here and here/Nordstrom

Hat/similar here/Nordstrom

Necklace/similar here/Nordstrom

Back Pack/similar here/Will Leather Goods

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