Bubble Gum and Hummingbirds

Who doesn’t like bubble gum and hummingbirds? I remember when I was a kid wanting bubble gum when my mom went to the grocery store. At that time bubble gum was only a penny, but for some reason it was a special privilege to be able to chew gum when I was younger. And as a child I wanted to do it all the time. Do you remember the bazooka bubble gum with the cartoons inside? What is it about kids and gum? Well that’s what this pink skirt reminds me of, that pink gum I loved so much as a kid. And the thought of chewing that sugary gum now is dreadful…….. I’m still just a huge fan of this color of pink.

This blouse……I fell in love with it for several reasons. The main reason is because it has hummingbirds all over it – that’s one of my favorite birds. They’re so tiny and fragile with beautiful green and ruby coloring. And they’re so fascinating to watch, as they flutter all around, up and down. My mom and dad have a hummingbird feeder right outside their kitchen window. I really like sitting there watching them battle and dive bomb each other trying to get to the sweet nectar at the feeder.

This blouse is a great find because I’m fond of the colors, the cut out on the back and the tiny gold buttons. It’s those little details that make this blouse unique.

Both of these will be worn into cooler weather. The skirt can be worn with a black turtle neck or blouse, black tights and black patent ankle boots. The blouse can go with khakis pants, pumps and or flats.

I always thought it was funny that my parents liked to watch the birds, well I guess I’m becoming like my parents.




Photography//Lou Raimondi//www.louraimondi.com


Skirt//Pink (similar in white)//Zara

Shoes//Lace Up Suede Wedge//Zara

Sunnies//(Similar Cat Eye)Kate Spade

Watch//Shark//(similar Nixon Watch)FreestyleWatch

Bag//(similar in Lilac) Banana Republic



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