Bridging the Gap With CJ

It’s my honor to introduce to you CJ Wells and her blog, “With Love Style”. I’ve really enjoyed talking to and getting to know CJ over the last couple of weeks. Looking at CJ, you see a petite, beautiful young woman who balances a work life with having fun, traveling, and fashion while trying to lead a healthy lifestyle as a mom. CJ is a single mother, who lost her husband 5 years ago, when her daughter, Brooklyn, was only 8 months old.  She is a precious 6-year-old now who CJ says looks just like her dad. 

CJ has been an IT Specialist in Santa Clara, California for the last 14 years and resides in Silicon Valley. She’s been blessed with a flexible work schedule that allows her to work remotely from anywhere. This has given her the opportunity to travel the world to places such as Paris, London, Laos, Vietnam, Brussels, Japan, and Thailand. She is originally from Thailand, where her mom and dad still live. It’s also where she met her husband. 

Her days start early, as she gets up each day at 5:30 for a quick run before she gets Brooklyn up and off to school. On the weekend she likes to go hiking and stay active out in nature. She also has found it’s a great learning tool for Brooklyn, as they walk to talk about things that are outdoors. 

CJ is thankful to have met her boyfriend, Tara, 3 years ago, and even though times were tough, they’ve grown her into the woman she is today. What I’m here to tell you is the petite, beautiful young woman I’ve gotten to know has been a true warrior her whole life, and she’s shown it by persevering through some of life’s toughest issues.

“With Love Style” is a travel guide for parents who travel with their kids. CJ shares from her experiences the best places to go and eat with kids, to great kid-friendly areas around the world. 


Why did you start the blog? Describe your passion for your area of expertise?

I’ve always been passionate about fashion, travel, and live an active healthy life style. But I have never been serious about having my own blog. I admire many bloggers out there who share their passions and inspire others to persuade their dreams. They work tirelessly to bring the best contents for their audience.  So it is time for me to share my passions, and hope I can inspire moms who always make time for someone else but not themselves to start doing what she loves to do because at the end of the day, she can feel great about herself and have a break from having messy hair 🙂 

I don’t think I am an expert in a certain area. I love fashion, travel, and working out is part of my daily routine.  But if you ask me about fashion, I tend to pick up timeless and versatile pieces so I can mix and match them up for different occasions. My closet staple pieces are jeans, button-down shirt, black blazer, and comfortable walking heels. I travel the world with my daughter, and I do have some tips for traveling with kids and recommended places where to stay, eat and explore. Stay tuned for more details on my blog! I am a busy mom, but I do find time to do yoga in the morning to help clear my mind, stay focused and ready to own the day.

Why do you want to meet with someone from a different generation that shares your interests… What do you want to learn?

I love meeting new friends, and I don’t think generation matters when it comes to sharing the same interest. If we love fashion and travel, we speak the same language! But there are things I wish to learn from the older generation who have been through life experiences especially who have children. How to deal with teenagers? How to prepare to accept their dependency without worrying too much? Also as we all know, we are living in the social media world. We consume information from different sources. How to stay relevant and keep up with new technology?  I also would like to hear their point of views of life in the past versus today.

How do you think your experience might differ?

Today’s world is an open world. I can wear what I want and have the platform to share my passion. There are many resources to help me reach my goals, and I can find groups of women who share the same passions and support each other from different social media platforms. I want to encourage women who are young or older thinking about pursuing their dreams, it is time for you to do it, and you will shine 🙂 

How would you describe yourself?

An ordinary girl with big dreams. This has been my favorite quote since I was a little girl.

What’s is your story?

I have been a single mom since my daughter was 8 months old. All of my family is in Thailand. Raising a child on my own is not an easy task, but I know I can do it. I am working full time and have a long commute. My daily schedule is so crazy, but that doesn’t stop me from doing what I love to do.  I find time to take good care of myself, work out, travel, and write my blog. Travel is my passion, and travel with my daughter has become my lifestyle. I want her to experience different cultures, meet people from different backgrounds and see beautiful places around the world. And I hope she would remember the time we spent together and appreciate this amazing opportunity, and one day she can do the same for her family. 


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